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    Kenguru wheelchair EV needs $500,000 to finally reach production [w/video]

    Remember the Kenguru electric car, the little city EV that was designed with wheelchair users in mind? It was supposed to be available by now, since deliveries were reportedly "imminent" in the middle of 2012. Unfortunately, things haven't worked out quite as they were supposed to, which means ...

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    Report: Wheelchair-ready Kenguru EV deliveries are "imminent"

    The Kenguru electric car is unlike any other EV, if for no other reason than it doesn't have a seat. That's because the Kenguru is designed to be driven by people in wheelchairs, and they bring their seats with them. With the Kenguru, you roll up, open the one door (the back hatch), then roll on ...

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    Video: Kenguru EV lets most anyone in a wheelchair 'get mobile'

    The people behind the subway-friendly, all-electric Kenguru have experienced many of the ups and downs that other start-up EV companies are all too familiar with. In fact, when you first go to the Kenguru website, it doesn't ask if you want to buy a car, it says "Investors Wanted!" But that ...

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    Report: Kenguru Cruiser is a car you could take on the subway

    Sure, you car drive your car to the train station. If you're taking the auto train down the East Coast of the U.S. or into the Chunnel between France and the UK, you can even slip your vehicle into a specially designed train car. However, neither of those options quite matches up to being able to ...

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    E1 Ecodrive electric taxi designed for drivers with disabilities

    Some cars are retrofitted to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs, but the electric E1 Ecodrive is designed from the ground up to be operated by wheelchair-based drivers. With its front-opening cockpit reminiscent of the BMW Isetta, the intention of the E1 isn't just to give drivers with ...

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    AM General to build CNG-powered VPG MV-1 people-mover at Hummer H2 factory

    Vehicle Production Group MV-1 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Remember the Standard Taxi from the Vehicle Production Group? It's now called the MV-1, and production is slated to begin next year at the AM General plant in Mishawaka, Indiana. That's the same assembly location where the ...

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    What's green, three-wheeled and can park by the blue signs?

    Click on the image above for a gallery of BioTrike
    Using fewer resources to get around isn't limited to any particular group of people. Heck, there are more 43 percent electric wheelchairs in the U.S. than electric vehicles (this statistic brought to you by the Department of Made Up statistics, ...

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    Firebreathing electric wheelchair - the answer to a question nobody asked

    digg_url = ''; Just when you think you've seen it all... Here is an electric vehicle which was built using golf cart parts. The contraption is said to be capable of twenty-two miles per hour. Doesn't sound all that impressive, huh? Read ...

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    High technology provides solutions for paraplegics

    Click on the image for more shots of the Future Chair wheelchairsWhile many engineers are looking towards carbon fiber as a way to lighten up our automobiles, with very good reason, others are using the lightweight composite material in human-powered vehicles, like bicycles and... wheelchairs. Not ...

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    Videos: Toyota's MR, Segway wheelchair

    After the violin-playing robot in the video above, we get a look at Toyota's Mobility Robot (or MR), which we told you about yesterday. MR reminds me a lot of Toyota's I-Real, which was on display at the Tokyo Auto Show and seemed very close to production. There are a handful of a good designs for ...

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    MagicWheels can add mileage to your wheelchair

    Technology sometimes has profound effects on ridiculously complex devices while leaving the simple ones in the dust. Some people have no choice but to get around in a wheelchair and could not use a device like the Segway or even an electric bike. Sure, there are electric wheelchairs around, but ...


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