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    Picture a one-wheeled Harley-Davidson running nitrous...

    Being quite enamored by our recent posts regarding three-wheeled motorcycles as alternative transportation, and bolstered even further by our recent find of two-wheeled cars, I decided to check out the possibility of one-wheeled motorcycles. I don't have much information besides these pictures, ...

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    Wired NextFest Report: Wrap-up and more advanced vehicles

    (Editor's note: to read the rest of Derrick's NextFest coverage, click here)Overall, Wired's NextFest certainly wasn't the Paris Motor Show, nor was it meant to be. Instead, it was a gathering of new technologies in many different fields. On the positive side, I'd say that if there was any ...

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    Wired NextFest Report: Wheelsurf's single-wheeled, recreational ride

    The most visually inspiring vehicle at NextFest was a motorcycle-like, disk-shaped contraption with a single, concentric outer wheel called the Wheelsurf. I say inspiring because sitting on one undeniably transports you into an Isaac Asimov story. The Wheelsurf's single wheel is powered by a 31 cc, ...

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    Wired NextFest Report: Overview

    Just got back from NextFest. Dubbed Wired's version of a new world's fair, NextFest brought together more than 130 exhibitors bearing new technologies in a plethora of fields from all over the globe. Given that it's being held just 3 short subway stops from my apartment, I couldn't quite think of a ...


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