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    Official: Over 70 utilities announce major EV deal at White House

    Plug-in vehicle purchases by the American public may be slowing down this year, but have faith. Because utility companies will be picking up a little bit of the slack by stepping up their focus on buying electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for their fleets. A new program touted for both ...

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    Read This: Over 11,000 comments filed on EPA's ethanol rules; White House also involved

    In late 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed – for the first time ever – a slight slacking of the 2014 renewable fuel standard. The reason was that the US is coming up on the 'blend wall,' the overall level of ethanol in the national gasoline supply where adding ...

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    Official: New White House petition wants high-speed chargers every 50 miles in US

    A Last month, a San Antonio resident started a petition to the White House asking that that fast-charging stations for plug-in cars be installed every 50 miles along the US Interstate system. The trick is, if the request is to have any a chance of being granted, fast-charging advocates will have ...

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    Official: Tesla officially gets behind White House petition to allow direct EV sales

    A Tesla fan's petition to the White House – asking the federal government to "allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states" – is gaining official traction. Over the weekend, Tesla Motors sent out an email to supporters asking them to add their name. The petition ...

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    Report: Pro-Tesla Motors petition asks White House for direct-sales permission

    In what could be an important step in taking Tesla Motors' fight with various state auto dealer organizations nationwide, a grassroots petition is calling on the White House to let Tesla Motors sell cars directly to customers. The petition was started by a "K.S." in Stow, MA (CNET identifies him ...

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    Official: Obama's EV Everywhere plan sets 2022 goals for U.S.-made electric vehicles

    President Barack Obama on Thursday outlined his administration's EV Everywhere plan designed to cut gas-powered vehicle use over the next decade. Speaking at a Daimler truck plant in North Carolina, Obama set a 2022 goal of having the U.S. produce a five-passenger electric vehicle that would ...

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    Report: White House annouces $4.7b effort for advanced-technology vehicles, including EV Everywhere

    It's a big week for compressed natural gas vehicles, thanks to President Obama's announcement today that his administration wants to increase federal support for CNG vehicles by introducing a tax credit similar to the one in place for plug-in vehicles. Plug-in vehicles, too, could get a big boost ...

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    10,000 people circle White House against Keystone XL Pipeline

    This weekend brought a large turnout of protestors against the Keystone XL pipeline. An crowd estimated at between 10,000 and 12,000 circled the White House, railing against the pipeline that would bring oil from Canadian tar sands to the Gulf Coast. Opponents of the project are concerned both ...

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    Report: House kicks off review of Obama's 54.5 mpg CAFE rule this week

    Today, a House of Representatives panel will hold a hearing to review the Obama Administration's ambitious fuel economy standards of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The hearing – a response by Republicans concerned over the economic impact of the fuel efficiency guidelines – is ...

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    House to probe 54.5 mpg rule; public will have input

    If you thought the new fuel economy standards that are designed to bring average mileage up to 54.5 mpg by 2025 were a done deal, think again. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has announced that he wants to investigate how the rules ...

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    Mitt Romney ready to exploit all U.S. energy reserves; Rick Perry still climate change skeptic

    As the Republican primary slowly heats up, the leading candidates are starting to define their energy plans they would implement if they are elected. At last night's debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry made his position clear: global warming is a crock (never mind the National Academy of Sciences, ...

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    U.S. ready to invest up to $510 million in better biofuels

    Obama Administration Efficiency Goals – click to enlarge
    No shortage of news from the Obama Administration regarding energy efficiency these days. Whether it's $50 million for better solar, the first-ever heavy-duty truck efficiency standards or millions for hydrogen research, work most ...

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    Auto industry getting ready for White House to announce 54.4 mpg proposal Friday

    Even though the debt ceiling debate is raging in full force in Washington, D.C., there is plenty of other important work going on, including – rumors suggest – that a formal announcement is coming tomorrow that the 2025 CAFE standard for cars and trucks will be set at 54.5 miles per ...

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    Empire Strikes Back: White House calls out Edmunds on Clunkers story, Edmunds responds

    The facts in the case of the White House versus Edmunds are essentially indisputable – but they are open for interpretation. The federal government's $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program generated 690,000 sales by providing $3,500 and $4,500 vouchers to car buyers who turned in their ...

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    White House may increase CAFE for SUVs

    In a December 6 White House press briefing, press secretary Dana Perino said the White House has a proposal for a new increase in the CAFE standard for light trucks and SUVs. The president has full control of the CAFE standard for light trucks (which includes SUVs but not passenger cars) and has ...

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    Energy bill vote delayed, CAFE back on the table

    What did I tell ya? The great photo above is of Bush and Dingell from 2005 but it could have been two days ago. According to the Detroit News, the House has delayed the energy bill vote. As we reported, CAFE is largely settled and even Toyota has come out in support of the new agreement. Trouble ...

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    White House threatens to veto energy bill again

    Recently we reported that the CAFE issue was largely settled in the energy bill. On CSPAN Monday, Edmund Andrews of the New York Times even dared to say Dingell "lost." Do not underestimate the power of the Dingell side, you have no idea of the power he possesses. Don't believe me? Let's keep in ...

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    White House Thanksgiving turkeys delivered by Flex Fuel Ford running on E85

    digg_url = ''; The traditional pardoned White House turkeys were delivered by a Flex Fuel Ford F-150 running on E85. The turkeys were named "May" and "Flower" and not "the names the Vice President suggested, which was ...

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    President Bush will tout fuel-economy plan at Kansas City auto assembly plants

    President Bush's proposal to cut overall gasoline consumption by 20 percent over 10 years is drawing all sorts of fire from domestic automakers and the UAW. They say the plan is too expensive and not technologically feasible at this point. But that's not stopping the president from promoting his ...

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    What I want to hear from Bush in the State of the Union speech RE: energy

    The new Democratic Congress will be sworn in tomorrow, and the annual ritual of the Presidential State of the Union speech will follow in a few weeks' time. Last year, the Decider-in-Chief said America was "addicted to oil." What will his environmental and energy message be this year? According to ...


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