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    Why are all US-bound BMW i3 EVs with range extenders stuck at port?
    New Technology Meets EPA Rules And Things Just Take Time 1400608740

    The first BMW i3 EVs have been delivered in the US, but in a quirk of the rules, none of them have been the range-extended versions. Long-time BMW electric vehicle driver Tom Moloughney discovered this fact the hard way. His i3 REx has been sitting at a New Jersey port for over a week and he's ...

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    Official: EPA updates MPG sticker for used cars

    If you think your mileage may vary with a brand new vehicle, take a look at the differences in fuel economy results for older cars. Sites like the EPA's Fuel Economy tracker and Fuelly prove that there is not such thing as a standard MPG number, despite the EPA's best efforts. This all isn't ...

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    DC AUTO SHOW: Chevrolet introduces new Ecologic window sticker, coming first to Sonic

    At the Washington Auto Show today, Chevrolet introduced a sticker. Okay, the new Ecologic environmental labels that will be coming to all new Chevy vehicles – starting with the 2013 Sonic – is a lot more than just an adhesive piece of paper. Last year, the EPA revamped its mileage ...

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    Tesla Roadster 2.5 snags official 119 MPGe rating

    Within hours of posting on the Tesla Roadster's official EPA rating and emphatically pointing out that no production vehicle beat the Roadster's EPA-assigned 111 MPGe rating, along came an automobile that knocked the Roadster from its number one spot. It was bound to happen, right? So, what's ...

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    EPA rates Tesla Roadster at 111 MPGe

    On November 22nd of 2010, the Nissan Leaf received a 99 MPGe rating on its official EPA window sticker. Then, on November 24th, the Chevrolet Volt got its official 93 MPGe rating. Now, there's another plug-in that has cemented its place in the lofty MPGe club and it goes by the name of Tesla ...

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    EPA, DOT unveil updated fuel economy window stickers [w/video]

    Updated U.S. fuel economy labeling unveiled today includes additional information on plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and highlights other advanced technologies aimed at reducing gasoline consumption and tailpipe emissions. These stickers replace the much-derided "letter grade" ...

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    Report: EPA and DOT drop letter grades from window stickers

    It seems that the Average Joe isn't the only one who thinks that the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed letter grades on windows stickers are not only confusing, but too subjective for the government to assign, as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama ...

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    PSA: EPA now offering used car window stickers

    Thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency, new car buyers always have the ability to read fuel economy numbers on the window sticker of any car on the lot. But if you're looking at a used vehicle, the same efficiency info isn't always readily available. Consumer Reports reports that the EPA ...

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    Report: House members call on EPA to ditch those MPG letter grades

    EPA/DOT Proposed Fuel Economy Labels – Click above for high-res versions
    It seems John Q. Public isn't the only one who thinks the letter grades that the Environmental Protection Agency was planning to put on new car window stickers are confusing. Click here for a refresher on the two ...


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