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    Read This: Catching up with Chrysler's EV catch-up plan

    At your home or office? Those are the key words for how Chrysler and its Fiat affiliate want to narrow the plug-in vehicle sales gap between themselves and more plug-in-centric companies like Nissan and Ford, according Wards Auto. When the gap will narrow is anyone's guess. The US automaker, ...

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    Official: Is nose-to-nose wireless charging a better idea?
    Fraunhofer Institute Says Yes 1407589020

    Imagine a day when charging is as simple as pulling into a parking space. No cords to untangle or trip over, nothing to get your hands and pants dirty and nothing to wrap up when you're already late leaving for work. Just park your car, and forget it. That's the beauty of charging wirelessly ...

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    Report: Customers want wireless charging in next-gen Prius Plug-In; they might get it
    Toyota Working With WiTricity On The Technology 1404844140

    Could 2016 be the year prospective Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid buyers are waiting for? Why, yes, says an unidentified Toyota spokesman. That's according to Plug-in Cars, which reports that a wireless plug-in vehicle charging system may be less than two years away for the Prius Plug-in. WiTricity ...

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    Official: Wireless charging set for massive growth by 2020

    Count wireless vehicle charging system sales as yet another sector in which both supply and demand will soon surge because of the growing popularity of plug-in vehicles. The relatively nascent inductive charging market will more than double every year from 2012 to 2020, research firm Frost & ...

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    Report: Utah State University raises $9M for wireless electric buses

    Utah may be best known among motor enthusiasts for the high speed runs across the Bonneville Salt Flats, but there's another development within the state that's just as intriguing, albeit substantially slower. Utah State University, which last year unveiled an electric bus that could be recharged ...

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    Official: Volvo charges C30 wirelessly in less than three hours

    Volvo completed what it called a "successful" study of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles by fully charging up an all-electric C30 in about two and a half hours. The Swedish automaker used words like "comfortable," "effective" and "safe" to describe the inductive charging system. ...

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    Report: Infiniti luxury electric sedan needs more wireless charging

    While we had been told it was coming in 2014, the exact release date of the production version of the Infiniti LE concept might just might hinge on something you can't see and that the Japanese automaker can't control: wireless charging infrastructure. That's the word from Autocar, which talked ...

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    Video: Self-driving Nissan Leaf controlled from iPad

    "Siri, drive me home." Okay, so it's not quite that simple (yet) but Oxford University is testing out a driverless version of the Nissan Leaf electric car using technology controlled from an Apple iPad on the dashboard. The car is guided by a low-cost navigation system that gauges its ...

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    Official: Spanish collaboration tests wireless fast-charging system [w/video]

    Earlier this month, a Spanish collaboration involving the country's largest utility company tested what it says is the first wireless fast-charging system for electric vehicles of its kind. Utility giant Endesa is working with Fundacion Circe, which is based in Zaragoza (about 200 miles ...

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    Official: Raleigh, NC becomes first US city to adopt wireless EV charging project

    North Carolina's Research Triangle may be one of the most "wired" places in the US when it comes to technological advancements, but why stop there? To take the lead in electric-drive vehicle adoption, go wireless. Raleigh, NC has become the first US municipality to join the Apollo Program, which ...

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    Official: U of British Columbia touts cheaper, more efficient wireless EV charger

    Oh, Canada. Our neighbors to the north say they've come up with a cheaper, more efficient wireless charging system for electric vehicles. Specifically, engineers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have developed a way to wirelessly charge a vehicle that cuts frequency by 99 percent, an ...

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    Utah State University moves forward with wireless electric "Aggie Bus"

    The name "Aggie Bus" doesn't fully explain the factors that make this all-electric people-mover kind of a big deal. First displayed last week, the Aggie Bus can charge wirelessly, with "a maximum misalignment of up to six inches during charging over an air gap of 10 inches," and is over 90 ...

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    Official: Leaf, Volt getting wireless charging from Plugless Power, SPX

    Media junkies rejoice in getting "wired." Now, owners of Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt plug-in cars can get similarly excited about getting "unwired." Owners of those electric-drive models will be eligible for Plugless Power wireless electric-vehicle chargers now that maker Evatran has reached ...

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    Official: Smart highways can charge EVs, give weather warnings

    Gotta love those Dutch folks. Designer Daan Roosegaarde is teaming up with Heijmans Infrastructure to dream up smart highway lanes that not only give drivers weather information by "glowing" but will eventually be able to help recharge electric vehicles. Presented at Dutch Design Week this ...

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    Report: Infiniti sets 2014 due date for all-electric LE with wireless charging

    Infiniti has re-confirmed it will sell the production version of the LE, and it has now given us a year: 2014. This makes it likely that Nissan's upscale arm will be the first OEM to sell a production inductive charging vehicle. USAToday reports that Infiniti officials made the announcement in ...

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    EVS: Utah State University quietly working on in-road wireless charging

    If you had to name one of the biggest game-change moments that the electric vehicle could bring to the world, try this one: Every prior attempt to electrify the car has assumed the vehicle would be the energy carrier. By comparison, the grid is much more efficient at moving energy from point ...

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    Official: Feds will invest $4 million to help develop wireless EV chargers

    Think of it as a way to boost plug-in vehicle adoption by removing the "plug-in" part. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced it will spend as much as $4 million to speed the development of wireless electric-vehicle charging stations. The DOE will award the funds to as many as four ...

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    Official: Audi working on wireless charging with WiTricity technology

    See all those Audi A1 e-trons in the photo above? In the near future, they could look exactly the same – i.e., without any visible cords – but be charging their batteries, thanks to Audi's work on wireless charging. Today, Audi released information on seven areas of the "automotive ...

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    Official: Stanford envisions 'all-electric highway' that charges EVs as they go

    Readers of a certain age may remember the 1982 hit "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant. Now, Stanford University is putting its own spin on the concept. The school says it's developing a technology that would allow electric-drive vehicles to be recharged as they're being driven down the road. The ...

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    Official: Hertz will try out wireless EV chargers from Plugless Power

    Hertz will be the first rental car company to try out a wireless recharging system for its fleet of electric-drive vehicles. Hertz, whose fleet includes Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicles and Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-ins, will install the system at its headquarters in Park Ridge, ...


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