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    Official: Sears, Evatran reach agreement for wireless EV-charging stations

    Sears and wireless electric vehicle charging station maker Evatran have reached an agreement for Sears' home-installation division to distribute and install Evatran's Plugless Power stations. The agreement allows Evatran to sell its stations at a single price in which both the product and ...

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    Qualcomm aquires HaloIPT, announces London wireless charging trial

    Over the past year and a half, HaloIPT has been working hard at moving inductive power transfer – a wireless charging technology – from the labs at the University of Auckland where it was developed into actual vehicles, such as the Rolls Royce 102 EX. Apparently they've been doing ...

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    MItsubishi, WiTricity ink wireless charging deal

    Mitsubishi Motors has teamed with Boston-based WiTricity and Japan's IHI Corporation to research and develop a program designed to make wireless charging a reality for plug-in vehicle owners. It's hoped that the collaboration will advance the development of a real-world wireless charging ...

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    Yazaki, Evatran partner to commercialize Plugless Power charging system

    Evatran – developer of the Plugless Power plug-in vehicle inductive charging system – and Yazaki North America – a Tier 1 automotive supplier that specializes in electrical distribution systems and connectivity solutions – have signed a joint development agreement aimed ...

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    Analyst: Wireless charging of plug-in vehicles to become standard

    Wireless charging of plug-in vehicles is to become standard, says Laura Marlino, deputy director at the power electronics and electrical power systems research center at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Marlino told Automotive Power Electronics conference-goers that, "We believe it's not a ...

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    Google testing out Plugless Power wireless charging system

    Once a small startup itself, Internet search giant Google should be able to relate to the extreme challenges that companies face when venturing into uncharted territory. With that in mind, Google turned to a little-known company called Plugless Power to install a wireless charging system at the ...

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    SAE task force sets out to standardize wireless charging systems

    Back in October, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) assigned a task force to standardize the wireless charging of plug-in vehicles. In November, the task force announced its goal of finalizing the SAE J2954 wireless charging guidelines by end of 2011 and enforcing this standard by 2013. ...

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    Wireless Hino hybrid a hit at Haneda

    I was reading the English version of the Asahi Shimbun the other morning when this article caught my attention. There's nothing really new about hybrid buses, even GMC makes them, but how about a plug-in hybrid bus you don't have to plug in. That's something you don't see everyday. At least not yet ...

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    Video: iMiEV has wind turbine in the grill, solar panel on the roof

    I think we have a winner for the greenest car at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Below the fold is a video all about the Mitsubishi iMiEV Sport concept. It's a plug-in electric car with a cool tear drop shape and a number of cool ways of charging the batteries. The iMiEV's lithium-ion batteries can be ...

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    Wireless power from WiPower - ready for commercialization?

    While the world is still likely quite far from the days of charging your electric car simply by parking in a designated spot, WiPower thinks that they are close to commercialization of their wireless charging technology. In fact, they go so far as to claim that their system is already more ...

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    MIT develops system for wireless electricity, dubbs it WiTricity

    As a blogger, we often live on our electronic gadgetry like laptops, cell phones and digital cameras, and I am absolutely certain that many of our readers use the same devices and more in their everyday life. So, I am sure that you will agree with me that you would love to cut all the cords that ...


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