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world solar challenge

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    Official: Stella solar-powered four-passenger car getting ready for Australia challenge [w/video]

    Solar power, while streaming free daily from our sun, is notoriously difficult to turn into practical vehicular transportation. Sure, you can cross Australia in a solar car, if you're willing to work hard, but direct solar-powered transportation (i.e., not solar charging à la a Tesla ...

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    Official: UM's solar race team builds Generation, the 'ultimate electric vehicle,' for World Solar Challenge

    The University of Michigan has built a vehicle just about any green-car enthusiast would appreciate, except maybe those from Ohio State University. Last week, U of M unveiled its "Generation" solar-powered electric vehicle that it is entering in Australia's World Solar Challenge. The team ...

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    Video: Translogic chases the sun with Michigan's solar car team

    No, that is not the world's most awesome Michigan Wolverines beer pong table. It's a million-dollar race car that's powered by the sun, and in the most recent episode of Translogic, our sister site visits the University of Michigan Solar Car Team to learn all about it. The Wolverines have been ...

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    Report: Tokai University wins 1,860-mile World Solar Challenge for second year in a row

    Fro the second year in a row, Tokai University can lay claim to the winner's laurels in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge, a sun-powered race challenge in Australia that winds over 1,800 miles between Darwin and Adelaide using only 5 kWh of on-board energy and the rest beamed in directly from ...

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    Solar car from Cambridge University unveiled

    Click above for hi-res gallery of "Bethany"
    Competition for the 2009 edition of the World Solar Challenge is shaping up to be somewhat formidable as the Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) team reveals the craft they're bringing to the party in Australia this October. Although its "Bethany" ...

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    MIT unveils "Eleanor" 2009 World Solar Challenge competitor

    The World Solar Challenge is back for its tenth outing across the wilds of Australia this October. Students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are the only ones to have competed in every single running and Eleanor is their tenth such effort. This Eleanor is nothing like the 1968 Mustang ...

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    Panasonic World Solar Challenge 20th anniversary - October 21-28, 2007

    Solar-powered transportation owes a great deal to the participants of races and contests such as the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Starting in 1987, this biennial event covers a 3,000-kilometer route from tropical Darwin in the Northern Territory, to cosmopolitan Adelaide in South Australia. ...

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    The Sinag solar car is unveiled in the Philippines

    Using a body of carbon fiber, Kevlar and epoxy swathed over a honeycomb core, the Sinag solar car, a first for the Philippines, is set to enter the 20th World Solar Challenge in Australia in October. The three-wheeled vehicle converts energy from the sun into electricity using 400 solar cells, ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Michigan solar team building new car under slower rules

    click on the above image to view the photo gallery of the team exhibitSolar cars are going too fast!I stopped by the University of Michigan solar racer exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show and discovered that race organizers are slowing down the cars for upcoming major races. Even though the cars must ...

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    Ecofest Report: University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing

    The University of Toronto's Blue Sky Solar Racing program began in 1997. Now with over 100 student members, they're in the process of developing their third solar race car which should be ready for the 2007 World Solar Challenge. For Ecofest 2006, they brought their 2nd generation vehicle which is ...

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    Tigergen Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solar Car Project from Missouri

    Undergrads at the University of Missouri-Columbia are hard at work putting together a hydrogen fuel cell solar vehicle that will compete in the 2007 World Solar Challenge. That’s about as green as it gets. The SunTiger team’s website is still focused on the team’s performance at ...


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