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xl hybrids

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    Official: XL Hybrids' new, third-generation powertrain cuts fuel use by 21%

    'XL' often means "bigger," but a new powertrain from Massachusetts-based startup XL Hybrids actually shrinks your fuel budget. About 21 percent smaller, to be precise. XL Hybrids is announcing the debut of its XL3 hybrid powertrain, with intentions of starting to install it on General Motors and ...

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    XL Hybrids, Knapheide will offer aftermarket systems for commercial fleets

    Hybrid electric vehicles are gaining appeal for fleets of all types as more models make it to showrooms bearing a variety of price tags. Even commercial fleets are finding more available products, from pickups and vans to medium-duty trucks. Now, there's a new option. XL Hybrids, Inc., and the ...

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    Official: Richard Canny joins XL Hybrids board of directors

    The former CEO of Think Global has moved over to XL Hybrids. Richard Canny, who sometimes writes for AutoblogGreen, joined the XL Hybrids board of directors this past week and said in a statement that he is ready to promote the company's aftermarket hybrid powertrain system that is supposed to ...

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    XL Hybrids converts Lincoln Town Car to reduce costs and fuel use

    The commonly black Lincoln Town Car is turning green over at XL Hybrids, a Somerville, MA start-up. The company converts the car to hybrid power, adding an electric motor that allows for a 15-30 percent reduction in fuel consumption while providing an additional 20 horsepower. Although conversion ...

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    XL Hybrids raises $2m; signs gas-electric conversion deal with Ashwoods Automotive

    Occasionally, Tod Hynes, president of the Somerville, MA-based startup, XL Hybrids Inc., is spotted driving down the streets of Boston in what appears to be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill Lincoln Town Car. Hynes' black sedan is no ordinary Lincoln, though. XL Hybrids specializes in ...


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