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    Automotive X-Prize: finalists announced, X-Tracer now last team standing in Tandem class

    Automotive X-Prize Knockout Stage – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet your finalists for the Automotive X-Prize: Mainstream Class Edison2, Very Light Car (team name, car name) Alternative Class - Tandem X-Tracer, E-Tracer Alternative Class - ...

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    VIDEO: Zap Alias causes Korean singing/dancing ka-raziness

    ZAP Alias song & dance– Click above to watch video after the jump
    Move over hawt Volt dancers. Jump back Tesla dippin' rappers. It's become obvious that the Zap Alias – whose other-worldly looks might be put down to it being pulled from the seventh planet from the sun – has ...

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    Automotive X-Prize: Zap Alias can stop, swerve at MIS

    Zap Alias – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Zap had some things easier and some things harder at the Shakedown stage of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize last week. The team's three-wheeled Alias vehicle easily passed the accident avoidance course at 46 miles per hour and, ...

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    Zap Alias electric trike to be built in China by Jonway

    Zap Alias – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Santa Rosa California based Zap has expanded its relationship with Chinese automaker Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. Ltd. to include manufacturing of the Alias electric trike. The Alias is a battery-powered two-seater that Zap has been in ...

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    Automotive X Prize revs up for Michigan events, Knockout Stage starts next week

    Governor Granholm and X-Prize CEO Peter Diamandis in the Amp'd Sky – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the official kick-off event for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize in Lansing, MI today, the same cars, most of the same people and the same "news" was delivered as we ...

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    ZAP licenses Smart Charger Controller from Battelle

    Electric car maker/modifier Zap has been busy lately. At the end of February, they took an order for 100 electric SUVs from Korean company Samyang, who also happens to be its strategic investor and distribution partner. Now, they've announced an agreement with Battelle, an international science ...

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    Not-so-shocking admission: Zap kills Xebra, slows development of Alias

    Our sleuthing colleagues over at The Truth About Cars have dissected electric car maker Zap's latest 10-Q filing, and they unearthed the following little tidbit: "The decrease of $1.5 million (in revenue) is primarily due to the phase out of our three wheeled Xebra vehicle with reduced selling ...

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    ZAP Electric gets up to $25 million (give or take) in fresh funding

    For a company whose reputation such as it is has more often been made on the frequency of its press releases than the actual products it sells Zap has been relatively quiet of late. The last big news relating to the Santa Rosa, CA company was the collapse of plans for a venture to build a plant ...

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    Zap Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky tries to keep local plant dream alive

    Click above for a gallery of the Zap Alias
    The Zap/Kentucky plant story has a new twist. After hearing that Integrity Manufacturing had closed up shop, we now find out that Zap's all-electric Alias might be coming from the Kentucky plant after all. Maybe. Integrity Automotive (as it's named in our ...

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    Integrity Manufacturing closes up, no Zaps coming from Kentucky

    Click above for a gallery of the Zap Alias
    Electric cars are supposed to be quiet, but things just got even quieter in Kentucky. Integrity Manufacturing, which was trying to get a factory going in Kentucky to build Zap electric vehicles, has closed the doors and turned off the lights. Apparently, ...

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    VIDEO: Zap Alias prototype in action

    In the last couple of years, Zap has become better known for questionable financial dealings and breathless press releases than actual products. Hopefully, what we have here is a sign of something better. After seeing numerous computer renderings of this spacey looking electric trike, followed by a ...

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    Video and pics of running Zap Alias prototype in New Orleans

    Click above for a gallery of the Zap Alias
    Say what you want about Zap (and we have), at the very least the company has brought a rolling prototype of the Alias three-wheeled electric vehicle to New Orleans. Zap will be unveiling this vehicle and a new low-speed Shuttle van at the NADA expo there ...

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    Zap will bring red Alias prototype to New Orleans

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Zap Alias
    We mentioned earlier today that Zap will be showing off a new low-speed Shuttle van at the NADA expo this weekend in New Orleans. That post included a note that the Alias, which was a part of the ill-fated Kentucky plant groundbreaking, would ...

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    Zap will unveil new Alias model, low-speed Shuttle van at NADA

    Click above to enlarge
    Zap is coming to New Orleans for the annual National Automobile Dealers Association expo this weekend and is bringing a surprise vehicle with it. The company has announced it will debut a new five-passenger, low-speed electric van at the show. Unlike the Zap Xebra, the new ...

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    Number 20: Top 20 most exciting green cars we wish we could buy today: Anything from ZAP

    ZAP has proven to be an excellent company when it comes to issuing press releases. They have also offered some nice products in the past, like the Zappy line of scooters. For some, the Xebra (see gallery below) fits their needs quite nicely, and for those people, ZAP is a fine company. For the rest ...

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    Prospective Zap dealer chokes on electric vapor!

    The world desperately needs vehicles with alternative powertrains, such as battery electrics. The potential to make a killing in the business is huge, as is the potential to lose everything. The auto industry - as anyone who has ever gotten involved in it knows - is hugely capital intensive so ...

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    Don't hold your breath for a Zap Alias in 2008

    When Zap announced plans for a new high performance electric three wheeler called the Alias earlier this summer, they indicated that it would arrive before the even more vaporous Zap-X, sometime in 2008. If you were saving your pennies for this lithium ion-powered trike, it looks like you'll have ...


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