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    Two Wheels: 2013 Zero Motorcycles lineup goes faster and farther, charges with CHAdeMO

    Our socks, they are knocked off. Zero Motorcycles has just revealed its 2013 lineup and we expect that after checking out the changes, you will be as impressed as we are. Featuring significant advancements that make the entire range go faster, farther, and charge quicker, the company's ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles dealing with yet another safety recall

    Zero Motorcycles is recalling 315 of its 2012 model year S and DS electric motorcycles to fix a problem that can cause their electronic motors to suddenly lose power. Affected bikes have motor encoder position signals that may drift, or change, over time, Zero Motorcycles stated in a document ...

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    Two Wheels: Electric Cowboy rides Zero S, sets speed records on Bonneville Salt Flats

    Brandon Nozaki Miller – A.K.A. the Electric Cowboy – is on a mission: to prove you don't need big-time money to have big-time fun competing on an electric motorcycle. To help make his case, he's just set several land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Aboard his Zero S steed ...

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    Refuel 2012 is undoubtedly the best Refuel ever [w/video]

    Three years ago, when the very first Refuel event was held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, it was a relatively small affair with a smattering of vehicles in attendance. With the fourth edition of this electric vehicle-centric happening now complete, it's amazing to see how much has changed. And, ...

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    Video: Fully Charged spends two episodes on two wheels

    Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged video series has, over its many episodes, focused on vehicles of the four-wheeled variety. Now, as if in atonement, it has produced two successive shows centered on two-wheelers. From bicycles with electric assist to scooters to motorcycles, Llewellyn makes up for ...

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    Two Wheels: Hollywood EMX bringing more than just electric motocross experience to Vegas

    Hollywood Electrics is coming to Vegas, baby! What started as a retail outlet for electric bicycles and motorcycles in Hollywood, California is crossing borders and boundaries with the opening of Hollywood EMX: an electric motocross-centered entertainment complex located in Las Vegas, just off ...

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    Report: Zero Motorcycles offers buyers 25,000 miles of 'free' electricity

    When it comes to promotions, "25,000 free miles" certainly sounds sexier than $200 cash back, doesn't it? However it's framed, that's what Zero Motorcycles is offering to buyers of the company's battery-electric two-wheelers during 2012, according to Two Wheel Mania. Zero calculated how ...

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    Two Wheels: Hollywood Electrics offers up Zero Cafe Racer, other customizations

    Hollywood Electrics isn't Zero Motorcycles' top dealership by accident. The retail shop is all in on all-electrics, and it doesn't stop at simple sales and service. It also offers unique personalizations of the bikes it sells, along with complete custom creations. Its newest product takes that ...

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    Motorsports: Zero Motorcycles prove resilient in crash-marred TTXGP weekend, take top three spots

    Last weekend's TTXGP motorcycle races were proof that sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. Not that the four "eSuperstock" Zero S ZF9s were slow – ok, they are a bit sluggish compared to their superbike upperclassmen – but their reliability conquered all, allowing them to sweep ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles sees huge sales increase, announces National Demo Day

    Zero Motorcycles has come a long way since the company first showed up on our radar back in 2007, and has only seemed to gain momentum since then. In fact, it just announced a 240 percent increase in year-on-year first quarter sales. It's not been by accident. Yes, it's hired some top executives ...

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    Official: Charge On with the new 2012 lineup from Zero Motorcycles

    The 69th Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) is now officially underway and the first order of business for electric motorcycle enthusiasts is the reveal of the 2012 line up from Zero Motorcycles. If you were hoping for better looks, better performance and better range from each and every ...

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    Two Wheels: The 2011 Milan International Motorcycle Show will be electric

    There are forecasts that the electric scooter and motorcycle market will see significant growth over the next few years and the 2011 edition of the Milan International Motorcycle show (EICMA) looks set to bear witness to those predictions. Of course, we've seen some awesome reveals there before, ...

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    Report: London police to patrol streets on electric Zero DS motorcycle

    London's boys in blue are to embark on a greener era of patrol with the unveiling of the Metropolitan Police's first electric motorcycle: the 2011 Zero DS. The police squad confirmed this week that it's to trial a Zero Dual Sport (DS) bike manufactured by Zero Motorcycles. The Met squad will use ...

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    Brammo to challenge other electrics, gassers in MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross 2011

    Electric motocross machines will face off against both each other and gas-powered bikes again this year at the 2011 MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross in Las Vegas, and a new manufacturer will be in the mix looking for some respect in the dirt. Brammo is throwing its hat in the motocross ring that ...

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    Zero Motorcycles raises $26 million; looks to ramp up U.S. production

    Zero Motorcycles, the self proclaimed global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, has raised $26 million in additional financing from its investor group, led by Invus, LP. This round of financing closed on March 3rd, 2011 with $17 million invested and the potential for $9 million more ...

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    Zero Motorcycles reveals the 2011 XU Urban Crosser‏ [w/VIDEO]

    2011 Zero XU – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Zero Motorcycles has just announced it's added yet another model to its freshly-unveiled 2011 line-up, the Zero XU. Based on the off-road X frame, the XU gets its own body work and street-friendly componentry to create an "Urban ...

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    Zero Motorcycles 2011 lineup reveals dramatic changes [w/video]

    2011 Zero S pulls a stoppie on a pier – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Zero Motorcycles has just unveiled its lineup for 2011, and while the model names remain the same, the changes in each are striking. The company seems to have done a good job of listening to customer ...

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    California cops on stealth patrol with Zero Motorcycles DS

    If you happen to be in Scotts Valley, CA and are considering climbing in someone's windows and snatching people or their stuff up, we have two things to say. First, that's not cool. How do you think your mother would feel if she knew you were up to this kind of villainy? And two, be warned that ...

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    FIM e-Power Laguna Seca line up announced

    The third installment of the Federation Internationale De Motocyclisme (FIM) e-Power road racing series arrives this weekend at Laguna Seca with the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix. The starting grid is only about eleven deep – there were hopes for a field of 15 – but it promises to be more ...

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    VIDEO: TTXGP Infineon footage from pre-race to champagne shower

    TTXGP Infineon Raceway round complete – Click above to watch video after the break
    We had heard that the entire TTXGP North America's inaugural round at Infineon raceway would be broadcast as soon as this Friday, but if you're like us and really don't want to wait any longer than necessary ...


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