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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles releases app for electric bikes in iOS, Android flavors

    Now this is way cool. Not only are the 2013 Zero Motorcycles starting to trickle out of the factory, but the company has also just released an app in both iOS and Android flavors to pair up with any of its new electric bikes. In late-night infomercial terms, this thing chops, slices, dices, deep ...

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    Official: Juice flows to new 2013 Zero Motorcycles Police Model [w/video]

    Any "CHiPs" fanatic who has ever wondered what it'd be like for Ponch and Jon to not have to yell over their Kawasaki bike engines, it's Zero Motorcycles to the rescue. The California-based maker of electric-powered motorcycles made a version of its DS available for police work last year and is ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles starts shipping 2013 bikes, teases us with video

    We got pretty excited when Zero Motorcycles announced its new and highly-improved 2013 lineup in October and have spent a good deal of time since looking at the pictures, poring over awesome numbers (54 horsepower, 68 pound-feet of torque and 11.4 killowatt-hours!) and daydreaming about excellent ...

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    Zero Motorcycles gives $2,500 extra for gas-powered trade-ins

    We'll deliver the facts and leave it up to math whizzes to figure out how far an electric-powered Zero Motorcycle can go on an extra $2,500 worth of juice. We suspect it's a real long way. Taking a page from the old "Cash for Clunkers" playbook, the California-based electric-motorcycle maker is ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles dealing with yet another safety recall

    Zero Motorcycles is recalling 315 of its 2012 model year S and DS electric motorcycles to fix a problem that can cause their electronic motors to suddenly lose power. Affected bikes have motor encoder position signals that may drift, or change, over time, Zero Motorcycles stated in a document ...

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    Report: Zero Motorcycles offers buyers 25,000 miles of 'free' electricity

    When it comes to promotions, "25,000 free miles" certainly sounds sexier than $200 cash back, doesn't it? However it's framed, that's what Zero Motorcycles is offering to buyers of the company's battery-electric two-wheelers during 2012, according to Two Wheel Mania. Zero calculated how ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles sees huge sales increase, announces National Demo Day

    Zero Motorcycles has come a long way since the company first showed up on our radar back in 2007, and has only seemed to gain momentum since then. In fact, it just announced a 240 percent increase in year-on-year first quarter sales. It's not been by accident. Yes, it's hired some top executives ...

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    AN Columnist: Why "zero emission" really does mean zero

    Automotive News' (sub. req.) Lindsay Chappell argues that "if zero isn't zero" then emissions for all vehicles must be recalculated. Of course, Chappell is referring to vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, which is touted by the automaker as a "zero-emissions" vehicle. Chappell asserts that this "zero ...

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    Zero recalls some 2009-2010 S, DS electric motorcycles

    Zero Motorcycles has announced the recall of some model year 2009 and 2010 Zero S and Zero DS motorcycles. The recall is to replace the front brake caliper bracket, which may be subject to deformation under heavy braking. If deformed, then brake pad misalignment and reduced front brake ...

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    Video: Nissan Leaf commercial promotes the value of zero

    Wikipedia may say that:

    0 (zero) is both a number and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals. ... In the English language, 0 may be called zero, nought or naught, nil, or "o". Informal or slang terms for zero include zilch and zip,
    But Nissan wants you to look at the ...

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    Zero Motorcycles raises $26 million; looks to ramp up U.S. production

    Zero Motorcycles, the self proclaimed global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, has raised $26 million in additional financing from its investor group, led by Invus, LP. This round of financing closed on March 3rd, 2011 with $17 million invested and the potential for $9 million more ...

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    Zero Motorcycles 2011 lineup reveals dramatic changes [w/video]

    2011 Zero S pulls a stoppie on a pier – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Zero Motorcycles has just unveiled its lineup for 2011, and while the model names remain the same, the changes in each are striking. The company seems to have done a good job of listening to customer ...

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    Nemesis heads to the track, hits 100 mph in 9.48 seconds

    Zero Carbonista's all-electric Nemesis acquired its name early last year, was legalized for on-road use last spring and underwent a "general shakedown" test late last summer. Of course, it's hard to forget that the so-called wind car also took out a few hedges when Ecotricity founder Dale Vince ...

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    Zero Agni win first race of TTXGP North America

    Shawn Higbee wins TTXGP North America Infineon Raceway round for Team Zero Agni – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The first round of the TTXGP North America was successfully held on Sunday with Shawn Higbee of Team Zero Agni crossing the finish line first with a time of 25.33.626 for ...

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    HHI's Volta 102 - rockers vs. mods goes electric

    Say you're in the market for an electric motorcycle but you don't like the modern styling of a Zero S or a Brammo Enertia. Or maybe you do, but some jerk who works in your office already has one. Well, now you can get a modern electric bike that looks like anything but. Check out custom bike ...

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    Colorado tax credit makes electric motorcycles really cheap (like $3,000 cheap)

    Zero Motorcycles DS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you happen to live in Colorado and have a hankering for a brand-new electric motorcycle, we have good news. The rest of us... well, we can take a moment to wish we lived in Colorado, at least in time to make our desired ...

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    Zero charges forward: Electric motorcycle company hires top talent from Buell

    The Zero DS steps into the spotlight – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You may have read our latest report regarding the future of recently canned Buell Motorcycles. Everyone's favorite American sportbike company hit the chopping block a few months back at the hand of industry giant ...

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    Zero Motorcycles raises additional $5.5M in funding

    Zero Motorcycles DS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Zero Motorcycles has scored an additional $5.5 million in its Series A funding. Asphalt & Rubber calculates the company's total funding at ...

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    Governor Schwarzenegger, eCarTec like Zero Motorcycles

    Gov. Schwarzenegger with the Zero S
    Zero Motorcycles is getting more than its fair share of attention. Recently, the company's Zero X was selected as the "Best Electric Motorcycle" during eCarTec in Münich, Germany in mid-October. This year's eCarTec was the inaugural event, but by the ...

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    AMPLE, Zero ink deal to sell electric motorcycles in Asia

    2009 Zero S electric motorcycle - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The slightly beleaguered Zero Motorcycle (see here and here) has some good news to share: a new partnership with AMPLE to distribute their all-electric two-wheelers in Asian markets. The Singapore-based AMPLE will represent ...


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