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    Official: Enterprise CarShare now offering short-term rentals in Salt Lake City

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car is going farther into the carsharing business with the launch of Enterprise CarShare in the Salt Lake City market. Customers can get the cars – available to rent for as little as an hour – at nearly 30 locations in the downtown area and on local university ...

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    Official: Enterprise adds Zimride ridesharing to 'total transportation solution'

    More and more, the major car rental companies are in heated competition to become the leading full-service transportation provider. Enterprise Holdings has acquired Zimride, an online ride-matching service. Zimride has more than 350,000 users (drivers, passengers and partners) who have connected ...

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    Ride sharing expands car sharing services, competes with taxis

    There's a new niche emerging for car sharers like Zipcar and peer-to-peer entities: ride sharing. The way ride sharing works is that a car owner, perhaps for additional income, offers a ridealong to those willing to pay. Those interested can schedule a ride share through their smart phone. The ...

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    Official: Zimride's public route offerings expand to Lake Tahoe for social car-sharers

    Sharing a car with a stranger is nothing new, as any "slug" in the D.C. area can tell you. For the past four years, Zimride has been working to update the sort of semi-official, ad-hoc "instant carpooler" that's common around D.C. into an internet-based social ridesharing program that works in ...

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    Zipcar issues annual "low car diet" challenge

    Each year, Zipcar issues a "Low-Car Diet" Challenge, and there are only six days left for participants try and get in and, "pledge to personally give up their vehicles for 30 days and find other ways to meet their transportation needs." This year's month of moving differently starts September ...

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    430,000 students now have access to Zipcar and Zimride

    Zipcar has long targeted the college crowd with their car sharing options. Now, thanks to an expanded partnership with Zimride, an online carpool app, an estimated 430,000 students at 15 universities can access the application. The two companies announced the deal at the Consumer Electronics Show ...

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    Vote and save gas with Zimride's "Carpool to the Polls"

    There's no question that a lot of people will visit the voting booth on November 4th in the U.S. If you're a first-time voter or a longtime participant who'd like to share your democratic adventure with someone a little green-minded, John Zimmer and Zimride would like you to carpool your way to the ...

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    Carpooling online: will Facebook app make Zimride work?

    There is no shortage of online carpooling or rideshare websites -PickupPal, Ridester, 511 Rideshare, to name just three. What might set the new "carpool community" Zimride apart is a tie-in with Facebook (it's also a Facebook app) that will give users an easy way to find out a thing or two about ...


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