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    Report: Avis buying Zipcar for $500 million [UPDATE]

    Zipcar has long been the granddaddy of carsharing programs, and has spent years forming partnerships with colleges, cutting a deal with Ford and working with the Feds to become a vendor in the government's Short Term Rental (STR) program. The company also first turned a profit in late 2011. A ...

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    Study: Is car sharing altruistic or practical?

    So, what's the reason people get into carsharing? Is it a "romanticized view of access understood as a form of collaborative consumption and altruistically motivated"? Or is it more about practical realities – that car sharing is really about affordability and convenience? For Lee ...

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    Ride sharing expands car sharing services, competes with taxis

    There's a new niche emerging for car sharers like Zipcar and peer-to-peer entities: ride sharing. The way ride sharing works is that a car owner, perhaps for additional income, offers a ridealong to those willing to pay. Those interested can schedule a ride share through their smart phone. The ...

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    Official: Wheelz peer-to-peer carsharing service expands in LA

    The San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers may have one of sports' most heated rivalry, but at least one Bay Area company has no issues collaborating with some folks down south. In this case, San Francisco-based peer-to-peer car-sharing company Wheelz, which launched a year ago at ...

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    Official: Zipcar will start carsharing Honda Fit EVs in San Francisco

    The newest San Francisco treat just might be the Honda Fit EV, which car-sharing service Zipcar says will be available to its customers there starting this month. Zipcar will station Fit EVs at City Hall as well as the InterContinental and Parc 55 hotels. The car-sharing company, which says the ...

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    Houston hires Zipcar to bring in EV car sharing with FastFleet

    Zipcar, is bringing electric vehicle car sharing to another city – this time to the City of Houston, through a new program called Houston Fleet Share. In Houston Fleet Share, 50 existing city-owned fleet vehicles – including 25 Nissan Leaf EVs – will be outfitted with Zipcar's ...

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    Official: Zipcar expands Zipvan cargo van service in U.S.

    Here's a reason to get your friends to hurry up when they're helping you move: you're paying for the rental van by the hour. As least, that's how the new Zipvan service from Zipcar operates. Starting at just $15.75 an hour or $109 a day, Zipvan makes carsharing larger vehicles a reasonable option ...

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    How car-sharers think about their cars: less ownership, more rules

    Will carsharing become a viable solution for American consumers concerned about traffic congestion, air pollution and making hefty car payments? Will it ever be an appealing transportation alternative, as it is in Europe? It depends on who you ask. German carmaker Daimler is promoting car ...

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    Official: Honda bringing plug-ins, hybrids to Zipcar fleet

    Following in Ford's and Chevy's footsteps, Honda today announced a partnership with the car-sharing service Zipcar. The cars that will be added to the use-em-when-you-need-em fleet are going to be Honda's "latest advanced technology vehicles," which in this case means the Insight hybrid, the Fit ...

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    Official: Zipcar launches Chevy Volt-sharing service in Chicago

    Longtime Saturday Night Live fans will fondly recall a number of skits in which a group of Chicago sports fans referred to their hometown football team as "Da Bears." Now, they'll have "Da Volt." U.S. car-sharing leader Zipcar will start making Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in hybrids ...

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    Official: Daimler's car2go car-sharing service starts in D.C., Portland this month

    Daimler AG's Car2go car-sharing service, which has North American operations in San Diego, Vancouver and Austin, TX, will start the open-ended car-sharing program in Washington, D.C., and Portland, OR, later this month. Car2go, which has overseas operations in cities such as Amsterdam and Vienna ...

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    Official: Zipcar invests in Wheelz peer-to-peer carsharing network

    Could peer-to-peer car sharing be coming of age? The nascent business model got a huge shot in the arm today, in the form of $13.7 million of funding for Wheelz, a car sharing program based on college campuses. Zipcar, of course, is the 800-pound gorilla of the car sharing ecosystem, operating in ...

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    Official: Zipcar launches city-government car-sharing program in Boston

    Zipcar, the largest U.S. car-sharing service, last week launched a program in Boston in which city employees can share city-owned vehicles in an effort to save money and cut emissions. Zipcar, which is based in nearby Cambridge, MA, will install its software in the city-owned vehicles as part as ...

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    Study: Zipcar finds Millennials to be eager target market for sharing cars

    Making a new car that is more fuel efficient than an older model is certainly a good thing, but if that car sits still for 22 hours a day – when it could be used by someone else and thus eliminate the need for another vehicle to be built altogether – then that's even better, right? If ...

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    Zipcar now profitable

    It's great when a business has a model that provides a service at benefit to the environment. It's even better when that business also turns a profit. Zipcar reported its third quarter financials this week. If you only looked at the resulting change in the stock price, you might think that ...

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    Zipcar will share cars at 36 more U.S. colleges, wins Federal fleet contract

    The nation's biggest car-sharing service, Zipcar, just keeps on getting bigger. This week, Zipcar announced it would now offer short-term car rentals on 36 new higher education schools in North America, trying to capture the use-don't-own spirit of today's young people. The company's new Facebook ...

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    30 Zipcar users walk 2,250 miles, bike 4,200 miles on 30-day low-car diet

    They walked more than 2,250 miles, biked nearly 4,200 miles, took 1,175 trips on public transit, and lost 165 pounds. Those are the results of the Zipcar 30-day "Low-Car Diet." This is a situation when numbers truly tell the tale. Recently, Zipcar announced the results of its fourth annual ...

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    Study: Looks like car-sharing can save the planet

    What's the best way to avoid the cost of car ownership, keep the flexibility of having four wheels available when you need them and – possibly – save the world? How about car sharing? A large-scale study of 6,281 carsharers by University of California Transportation Center shows that ...

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    Official: Ford adding 1,000 vehicles to Zipcar car-sharing fleets nationwide

    Zipcar has a long history of promoting its collection of Minis and Priuses that members can rent by the hour, but after today's announcement that 1,000 Ford vehicles will join the car-sharing program – making it the largest automotive source in Zipcar's University program – we may see ...

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    Zipcar Android app drops beta tag

    Having been ready for download in the Android market for a while now, Zipcar has officially dropped the beta tag from its Android app v1.0 and made it available to all. The official Zipcar Android App v1.0, which runs on Android OS 2.1 or higher, is now faster and packed with more features than ...


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