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2015 VW e-Golf scores 116 MPGe, 83 miles of range from EPA

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    2015 VW e-Golf scores 116 MPGe, 83 miles of range from EPA
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    Former Fisker CEO has some advice for Tesla Motors
  • EPA: Four 2014 Mini Cooper models need to drop mpg numbers
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    Michigan Gov. signs 'anti-Tesla' bill, but says rules could change *UPDATE
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Honda execs take 'quality-related' pay cut after Fit Hybrid's 5th recall

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 7:00PM

2015 Honda Fit Hybrid

Generally, the best policy in life is to admit when you're wrong and just accept the consequences. However, that attitude generally seems to be a bit less common in the world of business – at least without some government or legal prodding. So, it's especially surprising to learn that top Honda executives in Japan are taking a pay cut for the next three months following the fifth recall of the Fit Hybrid (pictured above) in the last 12 months.

According to Reuters, Chief Executive Takanobu Ito is taking a 20-percent pay cut to make amends for the quality issues. Also, 12 other high-ranking executives are taking 10 percent drops in their salaries. In addition to those temporary changes, Honda is creating a new position in charge of monitoring vehicle quality.

The latest recall fixes "noise-related defects," according to Reuters, on both the hybrid and naturally aspirated versions of the Fit, both variants of the Vezel (the sibling to the future HR-V in the US) and the N-WGN. There have also been three recalls for problems with the hybrid's seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. None of them have caused reported injuries or deaths, and these issues haven't affected US models.

Still, the quality concerns come at a rough time for Honda globally. While it tackles these problems in Japan, over five million vehicles in the US could potentially still need repairs due to faulty airbag inflators from Takata.
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News Source: Reuters

Image Credit: Honda

Recharge Wrap-up: Carmakers exceed CAFE standard, EVSR sets two electric lap records

Sierra Club Helps Buyers Choose An EV; CREW Takes EPA To Task Over RFS

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 6:05PM

evsr electric racecar

New cars have outpaced the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for the 2012-2014 model years, according to a new report from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The CAFE standards target a five-percent reduction in CO2 per mile each year through 2025. Based on fuel economy ratings, cars have exceeded this standard - and NHTSA's expectations - for the first three years of the current standard, which started in 2012. "If the current trends in annual improvements continue," the report concludes, "future achieved CAFE performance is expected to continue meeting or exceeding the projected performance levels (and desired GHG reductions) contained in the latest CAFE standards." Read more at the UMTRI website.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washingtow (CREW) is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over transparency failings with regard to industry influence. Earlier, CREW filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for EPA documents regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and called for an investigation by the EPA's Office of Inspector General. In addition to creating a flurry of acronyms, CREW hopes to shed light on the relationships between government and businesses like the Carlyle Group and Delta Airlines, both of whom lobbied for a reduction in the RFS. "Even though it is nearly 2015, the renewable fuel standards for 2014 still haven't been released," says CREW Executive Director Malanie Sloan. "Is this to avoid potential political fallout in the mid-terms for siding with the oil industry over the biofuel industry?" Read more at the CREW website.

The Sierra Club has launched a new online tool, called Pick A Plug-in, to help people shop for EVs. The tool asks basic questions about driving habits and needs, access to an outlet, budget and certain personal preferences, and provides the user with a list of suitable electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It displays the model, its price after government incentives, seating, electric range and states where it is available. The Sierra Club also has a tool to learn about any state and local incentives. Try Pick A Plug-in for yourself or read more about it in the press release below.

EVSR took first place in an SCCA event on at New Jersey Motorsports Park, setting an electric lap record at Thunderbolt Raceway. The event took place on October 18 and 19, and the lap record of 1:33.582 was set during the race on day two, driven by Todd Reid. Earlier in October, EVSR also set an electric lap record of 1:27.482 during practice at the Watkins Glen short course. EVSR Project Manager and Chief Engineer Charlie Greenhaus was behind the wheel for that lap, which clocked an average speed of 100.8 miles per hour. See the record lap at Watkins glen in a video below, where you'll also find a press release.

News Source: UMTRI, CREW, Sierra Club, EVSR

Car2go brings incentives to charging in San Diego

Park Your EV Downtown, Get Free Minutes

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 4:01PM

car2go san diego

car2go san diegoPlugging in a vehicle to get power makes sense when that vehicle is owned by one person or family and – like most of the cars on the planet – sits still for most of the day. But when you're trying to share an EV, or a few hundred of them, charging time becomes doubly important. You need those electrons to move but every minute spent charging is time the car can't be shared.

So, in San Diego, the all-electric Car2go program is changing how it gets more juice into its battery-powered Smart cars. While Car2go users have always been able to park at a charging station and plug in, Car2go has needed to use a fleet team to move the cars around and make sure they're charged up. To encourage users to leave the cars in a new downtown "Incentive Zone" (where, we presume, the fleet team will have an easier time recharging the cars), they can get free drive time just for parking the car in the right area. If the drive is over 10 minutes, they'll get a 10-minute credit. Since the Smart EDs can take up to six hours to charge, parking them in a central are should simplify things. The new policy started yesterday and the free minutes will last until the end of the year.

News Source: Car2go San Diego

2015 VW e-Golf scores 116 MPGe, 83 miles of range from EPA

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 2:00PM

2015 VW e-Golf

The e-Golf has official EPA ratings of 126 MPGe (city) and 105 (hwy).

When the 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf arrives in "select states" in the US, it will be the only model sold here that could also be purchased with a diesel or standard ICE powertrain. It will also be the most efficient compact EV. That's according to new numbers out today from the EPA, which rate the new e-Golf with a 116 mile per gallon equivalent number (combined). That's just enough to beat out the best-selling Nissan Leaf, which has 114 MPGe.

The electric Golf's official range limit is 83 miles (the Leaf is rated at 84 miles), but VW is saying that somewhere between 70 and 90 miles should be expected, depending on driving style. The e-Golf also has official EPA ratings of 126 MPGe in the city and 105 on the highway. The EPA measures MPGe using a formula that says that 33.7 kW/hour is equal to the energy in one gallon of gasoline energy.

The e-Golf comes with standard SAE Combo fast charging that can fill up an empty battery to 80 percent in 30 minutes, if you can find a plug. A Level 2, J1772 connector will take less than four hours, thanks to a 7.2-kW onboard charger while your standard 110 outlet will need 20 hours to fill up the 24.2-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The e-Golf will only be available in one trim line, the SEL Premium, for $35,445.

For the record, current models of the Chevy Spark EV, Fiat 500E, Honda Fit EV and the BMW i3 have higher MPGe ratings than the e-Golf (119, 116, 118 and 124, respectively), but they're in different classes. Of course, there's a case to be made that all of these numbers aren't exactly helping the EV cause, so perhaps it's better to forget that last sentence.
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News Source: Volkswagen

Toyota JV will sell Leahead EVs in China next year

Will Young, Hip Buyers Come Knocking?

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 11:52AM

China Auto Show

You may have read that Toyota is about to establish a new electric vehicle sub-brand in China called Leahead that will focus on "cheap electric cars aimed at young and hip car buyers in China." This isn't 100 percent true, but the Japanese automaker is revving its electric motors for EVs in China, in a fashion. It makes sense for automakers to push for more EVs in China, given government support for the technology and the proven success of Tesla there. Low-speed EVs are popular, as well.

Indirectly, Toyota is going to sell electric vehicles to Chinese customers next year.

We've heard reports before that Toyota is interested in going electric in China, with a different Toyota JV and thus a different brand but now we have an official word on Toyota's future EV moves in China, direct from Jana Hartline, the environmental communications manager for Toyota Motor Sales, USA. Hartline told AutoblogGreen that Toyota just celebrated the 10-year anniversary of GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd (GTMC), its joint-venture manufacturing company in China. And it is GTMC, not Toyota directly, that is the company behind Leahead (called Ling Zhi in Chinese).

Leahead will begin selling EVs under the Ling Zhi brand starting in 2015. So, yes, indirectly, Toyota is going to sell electric vehicles to Chinese customers next year. There are rumors that the new EVs will be electric versions of the Corolla EX and/or the Yaris L, but we've got nothing confirmed on that front. We will be waiting for more new at the Shanghai Motor Show next April.

News Source: Toyota, Car News China, Gas2

Image Credit: Kin Cheung / AP

Insurance company's numbers show EVs cheaper to insure, run

Average Policy Savings Are $200

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 10:00AM

Vehicle running costs chart

Coverhound Insurance has sold around 20,000 auto policies, and that's been enough for the online comparison-shopping site to notice an EV-friendly trend: electric vehicles are cheaper to insure. An average of $200 cheaper, in fact, according to CoverHound CEO Keith Moore.

Moore spoke to The Los Angeles Times, and said that when you add in lower fuel costs, the disparity gets even bigger. The insurance benefit likely comes from the idea that EVs drivers are "more responsible," Coverhound says, and that they are "therefore less likely to get into an accident or get a traffic violation." Not everyone who shifts from an ICE to an EV will lower their insurance rates. Coverhound estimates that switching from a Ford F-150 to a Chevy Volt could raise your insurance rate by up to $200. The purchase price of an EV is also obviously higher in almost every case, compared to a similar ICE vehicle.

Still, with price drops coming all over the place, running costs are getting the attention they deserve. Coverhound (drawing on total cost of ownership numbers, which include "depreciation, taxes and fees, fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs and tax credits," from Edmunds) estimates yearly fuel costs for the Leaf starting at $300 in the first year and then going up to $328 in the fourth year. The Toyota Corolla, by comparison, starts at $1,675 in year one and hits $1,830 in year four. You can see the total cost of ownership for those two cars, plus the Chevy Volt and Hyundai Elantra, in the chart above and more detailed numbers below. Aside from year one, the Leaf comes away a total winner.

Why China is more eager for self-driving cars than the West

Posted Oct 23rd 2014 8:01AM


Nielsen statistics show Chinese consumers are more interested in autonomous technology than the US and Germany.

China's auto market continues to grow, and it's having an increasingly important effect on the bottom line for all automakers worldwide. Just look at examples like General Motors' strong recent growth or Porsche's expanding sales. In addition to being vital for business, some industry watchers think the nation's huge consumer force might just make it the premier place for automatic driving technology to prosper more quickly than in any other market.

According to Ward's Auto, recent Nielsen statistics show that Chinese consumers are more interested in autonomous driving technology than their counterparts in both the US and Germany. The people there are more willing to pay to add it to their vehicles, too.

Rolf Kremer, Continental's Chinese operations boss, thinks that highly automated driving features may be offered in the market as soon as 2016, according to Ward's Auto. After that, partially autonomous driving tech could possibly be ready by 2020, and fully autonomous motoring might be feasible by 2025.

The country's national and local governments are also pursuing autonomous driving with zeal, and it's not hard to understand why. Traffic congestion is a major problem in many cities. China also loses about 100,000 people a year to auto accidents, compared to 34,080 in the US in 2012 or around 12,000 in the EU that year. While autonomous driving won't eliminate either problem completely, studies indicate they might make things safer, at least in some situations.

Furthermore, welcoming this technology might be easier for the Asian nation's consumers because affordable auto ownership is a relatively new phenomenon – at least compared to North America and Europe. Whats more, there's a strong chauffeur-driven culture, particularly in bigger cities. These factors, along with a number of others, could well might lessen whatever stigma among drivers there might be about handing over control to a machine.

News Source: Ward's Auto - sub. req.

Image Credit: Larry Downing / AP Photo

Former Fisker CEO has some advice for Tesla Motors

Tony Posawatz Questions ZEV Credit Sales, Suggests More Effort Go Into Model 3

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 5:56PM

Former Fisker Automotive CEO and ex-Chevrolet Volt vehicle-line director Tony Posawatz has some words of caution for Tesla Motors. The long-time automaker executive questions the California automaker's long-term viability – and gives some praise – in a talk with Benzinga, which you can listen to below.

While the all-wheel-drive D that Tesla unveiled earlier this month in Southern California wowed a packed crowd, Posawatz (starting at around minute 4:45 in the interview) says Tesla would've been better off taking the resources it expended toward that Model S upgrade and directed them towards speeding up the development of a more affordable plug-in. Perhaps a number of investors agreed, since the company's stock fell the day after the D was announced.

Posawatz says Tesla has been over-reliant on the sale of ZEV credits.

Posawatz also says that Tesla has been over-reliant on the sale of zero-emissions vehicle credits in California for its earnings and questions whether the automaker will ever work at a large enough scale to sufficiently drive down costs and make consistent profits. Tesla CEO Elon Musk would take issue with this characterization.

Posawatz first made his mark in the plug-in vehicle world when he was the vehicle-line director at General Motors for the Volt extended-range plug-in from 2006 to 2012. Later that year, he joined extended-range plug-in maker Fisker Automotive as its CEO, though quit that job during the summer of 2013 as the company was descending into insolvency. He joined the Electrification Coalition this past March.

News Source: Benzinga

Recharge Wrap-up: Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive goes on sale in Europe, Spain gets Nissan Leaf taxis

Hyundai Delivers First ix35 Fuel Cell Vehicles To UK; China's EV Plans Increase Demand For Aluminum; Formula E Reveals Miami Track Layout

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 5:06PM

mercedes-benz b-class electric drive

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive goes on sale in Europe on November 3, with deliveries starting before the end of the year. Developed with the help of Tesla, the new electric B-Class offers more than 132 kilowatts (177 horsepower) and 250 pound-feet of torque. It features Economy Plus, Economy and Sport driving modes. An optional radar support system uses the collision prevention assist sensors to help make smarter decisions about when and how to use the regenerative braking. The B-Class Electric Drive also offers an optional Range Plus button, which can unlock more battery capacity when charging for the occasional longer drive. Learn more in the press release below.

Racing returns to the streets of Miami for the first time in more than a decade for the Formula E Miami ePrix on March 14, 2015. Formula E has revealed the track layout, which takes the race around the Miami Heat's home court, American Airlines Arena, along the Biscayne Bay. "This event will help to make Miami more of a sports city," says Mayor Thomas Regalado. "In addition, we will show the younger generations that you may have motor racing without noise or pollution." Read more about the event at the Formula E website and see the track layout in detail here.

Hyundai has delivered the first ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to customers in the UK, including clean energy company ITM Power. ITM is responsible for three of the hydrogen refueling stations being built around the EU as part of the Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles project - the same project that helped bring the Hyundai ix35 (also known as the Tucson) Fuel Cell to Europe. ITM's 700-bar hydrogen stations will be built in London by Spring 2015, each with its own electrolyzer system on site. In the meantime, ITM will use the ix35 for commutes between London and Sheffield, refueling at a site that uses wind-generated electricity from an on-site turbine to power the electrolyzer to make the hydrogen. Learn more in the press release below.

Demand for aluminum is expected to climb as China builds more electric cars. Aluminum supplier Novelis says demand will likely increase 30 percent annually for the next 10 years in China, Japan and Korea, and possibly more depending on how China's plan to increase EV use and decrease air pollution shakes out. Read more at Bloomberg.

Barcelona and Madrid have received their first all-electric taxis in the form of Nissan Leaf EVs. The electric cabs are meant to help ease air pollution in Spain's two largest cities. The Leaf taxis also have the benefit of not contributing any extra noise to the bustling city centers. Says taxi driver Antonio Berzal Prieto, "In addition to the environmental benefits, the costs of ownership are highly competitive and the car's performance is excellent." Read more in the press release below.

News Source: Mercedes-Benz, Formula E, ITM Power, Bloomberg, Nissan

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

BMW i8 with 500+ horsepower in the cards?

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 3:30PM

2015 BMW i8

While BMW makes plenty of machinery to keep enthusiasts interested, its most enticing models are often based on more ordinary ones. That's what made the arrival of the i8 so captivating, emerging as the first stand-alone BMW sports coupe since the M1. But if its dual purpose – trying its best to both embrace the earth and traverse it rapidly – somehow left you disappointed, the next development could prove to fix that.

According to Automobile, BMW is working on a more potent i8S model. The hardcore version of the hybrid sports car would offer more power and a stiffened chassis to make it that much more aggressive. The Bavarian automaker is reportedly still evaluating two potential powertrain options: The first would pair a 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder good for 320 horsepower to an electric motor with another 204 hp. The second would use a 3.0-liter straight six with 480 hp and an electric motor with 109 hp. Both would be mated to a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission and an integrated starter motor packing an extra 27 hp.

Either way, we'd be looking at a combined output well in excess of 500 horsepower – far more than the existing i8's 228-hp turbo three and 129-hp electric motor – dropping the 0-62 time down from 4.1 seconds to an estimated 3.5. Couple that to a more advanced carbon chassis, wider tires and other goodies, and the i8 would be transformed into a far more capable performance machine than it already is.

Automobile says the project is not being undertaken by the M division but by the i brand that developed the i8 in the first place – including new program director Roberto Fedeli who came over from Ferrari. Its arrival would be timed to coincide with BMW's centenary celebrations in 2016.
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News Source: Automobile

Tesla about to sell 50,000th Model S

California Start-Up Keeping Up With Nissan and Leaf Sales

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 1:58PM

tesla model s

Nissan sold its 50,000th Leaf a total of two years and two months after introducing the EV to dealerships. Tesla isn't as established as Nissan, and its Model S - with its higher levels of luxury and performance - costs multiple times more than the Leaf. Consider the Tesla's starting price of $70,000-plus (and easily much more with a bigger battery and a few upgrades), and compare that to the Leaf's base MSRP of just a bit over $30,000 before its 2013 price cut. It would make sense, then, that it would take the Model S longer to hit 50,000 unit sales.

But, no. The Model S could meet the 50,000 sales milestone before the end of October (in fact, it may already have done so). This is just two years and three months after it launched in late June 2012.

The Model S could meet the 50,000 sales milestone before the end of October.

Tesla hasn't released its sales report for the third quarter, but the Palo Alto-based automaker sold 39,128 units of the Model S through June. Previously, Tesla estimated it would have 7,800 third quarter sales (putting it at 46,928 through September), other independent estimates put Tesla at 50,000 sales in late October. The Model S may not have beat the Nissan Leaf to 50K, but it's not hard to see how this is a win for the California automaker.

Arguably, this is a case where we all win. Anytime some buys an EV instead of a traditionally powered vehicle - regardless of marque - that's less energy consumed while driving, fewer emissions and an example set to others who have yet to make the switch. It's hard not to be impressed by Tesla's relative success. Furthermore, Tesla coming so close to Nissan in selling 50,000 EVs is, above all, a testament to the desirability of the Model S, despite the Leaf's clear advantage in terms of attainability.
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EPA: Four 2014 Mini Cooper models need to drop mpg numbers

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 11:28AM

Mini Cooper

After the huge problems that Hyundai/Kia experienced with its mislabeled fuel economy labels, you'd think that any time an automaker has to adjust its mpg numbers, heralds would be shouting from the rooftops. But, after Ford admitted to three big mistakes with its numbers for the 2013 C-Max Hybrid and Mercedes-Benz had to lower the fuel economy rating for the C-Class, we understand if those heralds are a bit tired by now.

The models affected include the 3-door and the 3-door S.

Still, today's news is that BMW has to lower the fuel efficiency numbers for four versions of the 2014 Mini Cooper thanks to an audit conducted by the EPA and then some joint re-testing. The models affected include the 3-door with the 1.5-liter engine and the 3-door S with its 2.0-liter powerplant, with both manual and semi-automatic transmissions. As with the Benzes, the rating changes are not big ones, around one or two miles per gallon. The big exception is the manual S 3-door's highway number, which lost four mpg from 38 to 34. You can see all the numbers, new and old, in the press release below, but the EPA isn't saying what caused the problem this time. The Agency's new test procedures can't come fast enough.

It should be noted that the 2015 Mini Cooper was recently delayed a bit because of the extra time it took to get the EPA numbers right. There's no confirmation that these two items are connected, but we would not be surprised to hear they were.

News Source: EPA

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Brandon Turkus / AOL

Daimler divests remaining interest in Tesla

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 10:15AM

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

Back in 2009, Daimler acquired over 9 percent of Tesla. A couple of months later, it sold 40 percent of that stake to Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments. The following year, Tesla listed on the stock exchange and Daimler's interest was reduced to 4 percent. But now the German industrial giant has announced it is selling that 4 percent and divesting from Tesla altogether in a liquidation that is expected to raise approximately $780 million for Daimler. The divestment has also triggered speculation that the move could make room for rival German automaker BMW to take an interest in Tesla.

Despite the divestment, Daimler insists that its technological partnership with Tesla will remain unaffected. Mercedes sources the batteries for its B-Class Electric Drive (pictured above) from the Californian outfit in a deal that is not set to change as a result of the financial realignment. A similar collaboration was in place for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, however, now that the new generation of Smarts developed with Renault is on its way, it's possible that a next-generation Fortwo ED will use French tech instead as an extension of the partnership between Daimler and Renault-Nissan.

Daimler has also taken the occasion to point out that, between the Mercedes, Smart and various truck brands, it offers "the industry's biggest portfolio of electric vehicles," including pure EVs, fuel cells and hybrids. The automaker says it will introduce ten new plug-in hybrid Mercedes models by 2017.

News Source: Daimler, Forbes

KTM might not make E-Speed scooter after all

Then Again, It Might

Posted Oct 22nd 2014 8:02AM

KTM E-Speed electric scooter

Scooter lust is as improbable a condition as it sounds. Yet, when we turn our gaze to the KTM E-Speed, we can't help but fall fast into an urban-riding reverie. A fantasy in which city-center congestion is carved into asphalt ribbons with cuts left and right, made quick with easy flicks of this two-wheeled blade. It is a dream, however, that may never happen.

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

Rumors have surfaced claiming the Austrian outfit has shelved the project because the electric scooter doesn't quite fit with its image. This is disappointing. Especially since, last we heard, KTM executive board member in charge of business development (among other things) Harald Plöckinger was making very positive noises in the wake of the enthusiastic reception the E-Speed received at its Tokyo Motor Show reveal.

Hearts broken and hopes dashed, we turned to the company for confirmation of the rumor and to maybe get some closure, and in doing so, learned a couple things. First, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. (We know. Shocker, right?) Second, while there currently isn't a production program in place, we were also told, "never say never." In effect, don't stop believing.

For our part, we won't. Tesla has taught us that a premium product with proper performance bona fides can creates market niches that didn't previously exist. Could it work with an awesome electric scooter? Well, there's only one way to be sure.

Though still slightly pessimistic that an invitation to ride the E-Speed will ever arrive in our inbox, we leave you with video of another product once previously thought to have been dropped: the KTM FreeRide E. Look below for footage of a pair of the machines being playfully ridden by brand ambassador Danny MacAskill and none other than the extreme-enduro prodigy, Jonny Walker.
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News Source: KTM, Asphalt & Rubber

Image Credit: Schedl R.


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