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Our posts on the 240 horsepower CMT-380 hybrid-electric sports car powered by a microturbine during the car's unveiling during the LA Auto Show last fall were well-received, so we think there will be some interest in some follow-up information that we found today.

The car's 0-60 time is a wonderfully fun 3.9 seconds and it has a top speed of 150 miles per hour. The electric-only range is 80 miles and, with a full fuel tank and battery, the car can go up to 500 miles. The microturbine spins at up to 96,000 rpms (!) and puts out 30 kW. Right now, the microturbine costs around $30,000, but maker Capstone says it could come down to around $3,000 if it went into production.

Also, there's an interesting quote from the car's designer, Richard Hilleman (listen to him talk about the car here). Apparently, he used to work at the Nevada Test Site (think nuclear weapons) and is currently a chief creative director for Electronic Arts. He told the New York Times News Service that:
I've been responsible for both scourges of the 20th century -- nuclear devices and video games. Now this. I'm trying to be on the right side of time here, one of those rare cases where I can be politically correct and cool at the same time.
Finally. Thanks to Roy B. for the tip!

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[Source: New York Times News Service]