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Earlier this year, Honda unveiled its newest prototype home hydrogen station for fuel cell vehicles. Susan Carpenter of The Los Angeles Times recently drove over to Honda's Torrance headquarters to check out the unit installed there. The system consists of three components: a vehicle filling unit, an electrolyzer to split tap water into hydrogen and oxygen and a six-kilowatt solar array to power it all.

The whole system can generate about 0.5 kilograms of hydrogen from eight hours of sunshine. That's enough for about 30-35 miles of driving, which should meet most people's daily commuting needs. If they need to use the full 270 mile range of the FCX Clarity, they'll have to stop by one of the handful of hydrogen stations in the Los Angeles area for a complete fill-up that takes about five minutes. You can check out the video of the demonstration after the jump.

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[Source: Los Angeles Times]