2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Oil-sippers failed to make even the slightest of dents in the U.S.' hybrid-heavy green vehicle scene.

Through the end of September 2011, sales of diesel passenger vehicles in the U.S. were up 30.9 percent, compared to the same nine-month period in 2010. However, at only 7,663 total units sold last month – a decline of 13 percent compared to August's numbers – the diesel's take-rate rings in at a mere 0.73 percent, compared to hybrid vehicles at 1.68 percent and plug-ins at 0.17 percent.

Led by the Volkswagen Jetta TDI and Golf TDI, diesel vehicles have slowly inched their way up the sales charts. No U.S. automaker sold even a single diesel passenger vehicle in September of 2011.

Sales of the segment leader, the Jetta TDI, checked in at 4,158 units in September, bringing the diesel sedan's year-to-date total to 41,083. The oil-burning Golf didn't fare nearly as well, but its sales of 694 units in September landed the diesel hatchback in second place. In third, with 610 sales, was the diesel-fueled BMW X5 xDrive35d. And coming in fourth, with 449 units sold, was the spectacular BMW 335d.

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