Infiniti EMERG-E Concept teaser

Infiniti has named its plug-in hybrid electric concept car headed for the Geneva Motor Show in March the EMERG-E. The company says the vehicle will be a sports car with a range-extending 1.2-liter gasoline internal combustion engine. The powerplant will be mounted mid-ship for superior weight distribution, and the Japanese automaker promises the concept will offer impressive performance. It may or may not also run on rainbows.

Infiniti has released very few details beyond saying pure-electric range will be "respectable." The vehicle also promises zero-emission driving in most urban settings, so there's a good chance the concept will show off some advanced charging tech as well. The automaker is intent on making us wait until the vehicle's full unveil in Geneva before it drops any more clues, though a few more teaser images have surfaced to whet our appetite. Check them out in the gallery below.