The 24 Hours of...Le Zoe?

Renault has put a new spin on the classic car race by seeing how far its Zoe electric vehicle could go in 24 hours. With a little bit of effort, the company managed to get oh-so-close to the 1,000-mile threshold, according to the French publication France Mobilite Electrique (kudos to TreeHugger for the translation).

The Zoe, which goes on sale this fall and has an estimated single-charge range of about 130 miles, went 994 miles during the cycle. The car, which TreeHugger says achieved a new 24-hour, electric vehicle distance record (Elon Musk, take note) sucked down nine fast charges during the effort.

Renault, which along with sister company Nissan has invested more than $5 billion in battery-electric vehicle technology, is trying to generate advance buzz for the Zoe. The French automaker debuted a production version of the Zoe at this March's Geneva Auto Show. Renault said the car would sell for the equivalent of just over $20,000 U.S. (after government incentives kick in) in both the UK and France. If that sounds low, keep the battery lease program of around $110 a month in mind.

Renault started taking pre-orders for the Zoe in Europe in March. Last month, Renault executives said the Zoe would likely outsell the Nissan Leaf in Europe because of the lower price.
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