The Fisker Karma fire that led to another recall has resulted in another interesting development: the owners of the burnt car has proven their love for the company with cold, hard cash. According to the Orange County Register, Rudy and Wendy Burger support the idea behind the Fisker Karma so much that – despite the famous flare-up – they will soon invest in the automotive company, which is indeed looking for money.

The pair had actually been considering making the investment earlier, but never got around to it. They were in regular contact with the company, though, calling to ask about various dashboard lights. As Wendy told the OCR, "It's also a new way of driving. You have to retrain yourself. You get in the habit of calling them." They didn't call about the fan that ended up causing the fire, even though it did act different in the days leading up to the fire, continueing to run long after the car was shut off.

Rudy remains confident in the company he's about to give money to, telling the OCR, "I am not concerned about the recalls. Every car company in the world has had recalls. My rationale for investing is very simple ... to make money. I think that Fisker is going to do well in the market."