Renault Twizy EV

Good news or bad news?

That's what some electric-vehicle advocates may be asking after the Renault Twizy mini-car was reported to be Europe's best-selling electric vehicle. The two-tandem-seat Twizy moved 7,895 units between its March debut and the end of September, Business Insider reports.

That the Twizy tops the European EV sales chart speaks as much to the challenges of selling EVs as it does to the popularity of the comparatively cheap Twizy, which has a $12,300 base price plus a $75-a-month battery-lease cost. The 17-horsepower quadricycle is 92 inches long, or about a foot shorter than the Smart ForTwo.

Renault's all-electric Zoe will debut later this year. Earlier this month, the Zoe won the Royal Automobile Club's (RAC) Future Car Challenge in the UK.