Hanebrink's Hustler X5

It's certainly a long way from Pee-Wee Herman and his bike. We think it's just as cool, though. California-based aerospace engineer Dan Hanebrink is pitching four electric-powered bike models, including one that's a lot closer to motorcycle than bicycle.

Hanebrink's Hustler X5 is a sporty battery-electric two-wheeler that has a top speed of 80 miles per hour and can go about 200 miles on a full charge. Moreover, the 120-pound vehicle includes two tucked-away pedals that riders can use to go at a slightly slower speed once the juice runs out, according to Visor Down. Hanebrink calls it a "no nonsense flow of power adrenaline and speed for those of us who prefer an environmentally responsible ride." We call it a pretty good workout.