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Charging infrastructure, higher vehicle costs and less-than-desired single-charge range estimates are among the hurdles to more plug-in vehicles in the US – having the necessary juice from the grid is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Not so in India, apparently.

Recent power shortages have given India-based vehicle makers like electric-bicycle producer Ampere, e-scooter maker Hero Electric and electric-car producer Mahindra reasons for concern because of consumers' lack of confidence that the country will be able to consistently provide the necessary electricity for dependable transportation, the New York Times reports.

Specifically, a May 2012 power shortage cut average daily electricity supply in the Indian state of Tamil Dadu by about 40 percent. Two months later, 600 million people faced blackouts for about two days because of power mismanagement.

Despite these potential issues, the Indian government is pushing for broader plug-in vehicle adoption as away to curb pollution, with a goal of having six million plug-ins on India's roads by the end of the decade. As for existing electric-car production, Mahindra has sold about 2,500 of its all-electric Reva vehicles since 1994, and more recently tagged the next generation (pictured) of the vehicle as the E20. The company says it will be able to produce as many as 30,000 EVs a year out of its Bangalore plant.
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