Renault Zoe

Every now and then, there are moments when a certain reporter concludes he should've studied a bit harder during his four years of high school French. This is certainly one of them. French automaker Renault figures it can improve both sales and exposure of its Zoe electric vehicle by appealing to the hyper-connected set by releasing an app specifically for users of Apple's iPad tablet computers, with an Android app soon to follow. Renault is promising "an astonishingly life-like virtual environment" with its app, including views from every imaginable angle and answers to any lingering questions about the EV.

The bad news is that the app is available on Apple's App Stores site in Western Europe but not for US users, which makes sense, since Renault doesn't sell any cars stateside (that's the lasting effect of Le Car, folks). The good news is that Renault released a 47-second video on Vimeo outlining what the app does. Unfortunately, it's in French. C'est la vie.

Renault started producing the all-electric Zoe last December, with pricing set at the equivalent of about $17,500 after French government incentives are factored in. Renault, along with sister company Nissan, has invested about $5 billion in electric-vehicle technology. You can find Renault's really short press release below. Yes, it's in English.
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ZOE in tablet form

Making its debut on iPad, and soon on Android tablets, the Renault ZOE application opens your eyes to a world of experiences.

Renault ZOE is now in your hands, thanks to an all-new app. Dive into the world of the full-electric city car and its seductive mix of technology and ecology.

Just like a video game, enjoy ZOE in an astonishingly life-like virtual environment. Check it out from every angle, zoom in, hop inside, and get answers to all your questions from our experts.

The new app, easy and fun to use and packed with information, is available now in the AppStore* and soon on Google Play.

*Available in AppStores in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland.