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Alfa Romeo

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    Report: Fiat details Euro-VI 1.8-liter 300 hp Alfa Romeo 4-cylinder engine

    Made almost entirely of aluminum and featuring direct injection, variable valve timing on both intake and exhaust sides and a high-efficiency turbocharger, the new-for-2013 1.8 liter gasser from Alfa Romeo and Fiat Powertrain Technologies is one of those downsized engines that combines all of the ...

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    Alfa Romeo Guilietta gets second-gen Multijet diesel; returns 52.3 mpg

    Alfa Romeo Guilietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in October, rumors started to fly claiming that the Alfa Romeo Giulietta would become the foundation for the Dodge Caliber's successor. It's assumed that the Alfa-based Caliber replacement will show up sometime in late ...

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    Report: Chrysler planning Fiat-based 40 mpg Dodge Caliber replacement for 2011

    Alfa Romeo Guilietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to numerous reports, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will serve as the foundation for a 2011 successor for the aging, lackluster Dodge Caliber. USA Today cites Sergio Marchionne, chief executive officer of Fiat and Chrysler, ...

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    Tesla twins get triple triumph in 4th Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Vehicle Rally

    Tesal Roadsters participate in the 4th Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally – Click above for high-res gallery
    Coinciding with the 2010 Salon EVER, the first event on this year's FIA Alternative Energy Cup calender has wrapped up. The Fourth Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally attracted ...

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    Geneva Preview: Alfa Romeo Giulietta to debut compact platform for future Chryslers

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A strong C-segment (aka compact) vehicle platform has long been critical to the success of any automaker doing business outside of the United States. Increasingly, the same is becoming true here. Vehicles like the Volkswagen ...

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    New Alfa Romeo Giulietta to get turbocharged engine range with start/stop

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta - click above for high res image gallery
    The beauty of reporting on new Alfa Romeo models from North America is that, after years of false promises, we may now finally be on the verge of actually getting some of them over here again. The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be ...

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    Alfa Romeo introduces LPG-powered MiTo

    2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo Imola - Click for complete gallery
    Alongside the recently-launched MultiAir MiTos, Alfa Romeo has launched a dual-fueled LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) version of the Turbo 1.4-liter engine in the sexy hatchback. This model benefits from tax exemptions in many European ...

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    Alfa Romeo introduces cleaner, more powerful 1.4L MultiAir engine in the MiTo

    Alfa Romeo Mi.To - Click above image for high-res gallery
    Alfa Romeo has introduced a new downsized engine to the compact MiTo that will improve output while cutting fuel consumption and emissions. The so-called MultiAir 1.4-liter four cylinder is available in normally aspirated and turbocharged ...

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    Speeding down the Autobahn burning not quite as much gasoline as before

    If you're a diesel hater and you want to cruise down a German highway in style, there's nothing like a good coupé to fit the bill. European coupés offer comfort, sporty sensations and, usually, a paying a high price at the pump. But there's good news: the European market offers models ...

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    Alfa Romeo launching a frugal Mi.To version with a sub-???10,000 price tag

    Click on image for more pictures of the Mi.To
    Alfa Romeo has announced a new base version of its Junior Furiosa Mi.To. Fitted to a 1.4-liter gasoline engine, the Mi.To drops CO2 emissions down to 138 g/km and consumes fuel at a rate of 5.9 l/100km (40 mpg U.S.). And all this for a price tag under ...

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    Americans eager for Fiat and Alfa could get two Euro models soon

    Here's one more rumor from the Chrysler-Fiat merger: if you lust for a Fiat 500 or the soon-to-be released Alfa Romeo 149 (codenamed 940) you might be in luck. Automotive News quotes an anonymous source from the Italian manufacturer who said that the new group could start importing hundreds of ...

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    Fiat and Alfa Romeo to introduce new engine line in Geneva

    The biggest news of the year so far has been the proposed strategic global alliance between Chrysler and Fiat, two automakers that have drastically differing lines spread across drastically different markets. Certainly, that deal with the American automaker isn't all that Fiat has going on, and the ...

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    The seven cars Fiat might give Chrysler

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Fiat 500
    We recently made our own list of five cars we want to see from the Chrysler/Fiat alliance and we've since heard that the 500 is a contender for 2010 U.S. release. Automotive News (subs req'd) is reporting that there are a full seven models that ...

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    Alfa Romeo MiTo scores 5-star rating on EuroNCAP crash test

    Click above image for a high res gallery of the MiTo
    Alfa Romeo's new baby recently got put through the ringer in the EuroNCAP crash tests and passed with flying colors. The MiTo got a Good rating for whiplash protection from the testers and five stars all around for its ability to protect ...

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    Alfa Romeo MiTo in UK dealerships shortly, deliveries start in January

    click above for more of the MiTo
    Been saving up for an Alfa Romeo MiTo? The tiny and stylish MiTo was previewed in March and is about to show up in UK dealerships. While the car officially goes on sale there at the end of January, it'll be in showrooms starting early next month. Prices will start ...

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    Jealous? Here's a list of European sport diesel coupes the U.S. can't have

    Like cabrios, the "sport coupé" car segment has traditionally never been associated with diesel cars. But diesels have evolved - a lot - and modern sparkplug-less powertrains almost match gasoline cars in terms of sound-proofing and comfort while keeping fuel consumption down. The only issue ...

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    MiTo convertible coming to the US in 2010?

    The rumors say that, if the Alfa Romeo MiTo makes it to America in 2010, there should be several different configurations available. Besides an estate and a three door, there could very well be a convertible quite similar to the snappy rendition shown above. Based on the Fiat Grande Punto platform, ...

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    Fiat 500 could come to America, via an American plant

    Fiat hasn't sold cars in the U.S. market in more than two decades, but they could be coming back within two years. At least the tiny 500 could be on its way. Fiat was already known to be looking for a location for a North American assembly plant to produce Alfa Romeos for our market. Alfas are ...

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    Alfa Romeo to get crossovers, hybrids and stop/start

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the Alfa Romeo Kamal conceptCar-obsessed Americans will get another chance at the historic Alfa Romeo brand soon enough, as the company is planning on a resurgence for the U.S. market. As is the current trend among automakers, along with the beautiful range ...

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    VIDEO: Alfa Romeo releases footage of Mi.To playing in the snow

    At Geneva Motor Show earlier this month Alfa Romeo introduced their new mini-car, the Mi.To. Now they've released a cool video showing that just because a car is small and economical, it doesn't mean that fun has to be left behind. Back in my former life before I started writing full-time, I was a ...


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