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Boston AltWheels

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    AltWheels returns to Boston area next month

    Last year, the fifth annual AltWheels festival featured a lot of cool green car goodness - along with things like Darth Vader discussing HUMMER and a vegoil MINI. This year, the show returns to the Boston area for three days one day of greener transportation discussion and presentations, including ...

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    Friday Humor: Darth Vader behind the Hummer and the Chevy Volt?

    OK, little Carrick and his dad Colin have been making green car movies for a while now, but none have impressed me like their latest. Filmed at Boston AltWheels earlier this year, this six-minute clip features young Carrick (age 8) interviewing someone I wouldn't have the gall to question: Darth ...

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    AltWheels Boston 2007 videos: fuel cells, cogeneration, nitrogen tires

    Here are the last few videos from AutoblogGreen's trip to AltWheels Boston 2007. The video above is a demonstration of the Nuvera Fuel Cells refueling station, some of which are in use today. Below the fold are three more videos from the expo. The first is a description of Honda's cogeneration ...

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    AltWheels Boston videos: Electrathon, Microfurthur, eMotive

    The video above is of an Electrathon racer on display at AltWheels Boston 2007. Electrathon racers travel 50 miles in an hour using a kilowatt/hour of electricity: That's the equivalent of 1,500 MPG at highway speeds on the power of a hair dryer. The next stop for that Electrathon racer is the Red ...

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    Videos: bikes at AltWheels Boston 2007

    There were a lot of cool bikes at AltWheels Boston 2007. The video above is all about the New Amsterdam Project (or NAP), a delivery service in Boston that uses bikes. NAP uses the same bike as the Royal Mail service, the largest fleet of bikes in the UK. The bikes are made by Cycles Maximus and ...

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    Video: Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, GoLoco at AltWheels Boston 2007

    At AltWheels Boston 2007, I had an interesting conversation with Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar and founder of GoLoco. In the video above, Robin talks about GoLoco, a Facebook web app that allows you to share rides and share the cost of travel with friends online. Robin says ride sharing reduces ...

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    Video: Environmental Insurance Agency at AltWheels Boston 2007

    digg_url = ''; At AltWheels Boston 2007, the Environmental Insurance Agency (EIA) told me they want people that drive less to pay less for insurance. Currently, EIA is working to get laws changed in Massachusetts and ...

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    Video: Mini that runs on veg oil at AltWheels Boston 2007

    The video above is Grease Car's Mini at AltWheels Boston 2007. The Mini is lime green and converted to run on vegetable oil. The diesel engine they put in the Mini was a little big, so the front of the Mini has an odd look with the tires slightly pushed out. The Mini was in a sidewalk booth but the ...

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    Video: natural gas Honda Civic re-fueling

    Above is another video from my trip to AltWheels Boston 2007. The video is a look at the Phill home refueling station, topping off a Honda Civic GNG (Compressed Natural Gas) car. Natural gas cars are actually the cleanest cars you can buy today, even cleaner than hybrids, but they just don't get ...

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    Video: VW's Dieselution tour pollutes at AltWheels Boston

    We recently wrote about the VW's DIESELUTION tour. I took the video above of the Dieselution tour's stop at AltWheels Boston 2007. IMHO, VW should have called the tour Dissolution. Don't get me wrong. I like VW. I think they are great brand and really could have surfed the green revolution wave. I ...

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    Boston AltWheels ABG Video: Spend some time with Ford's Edge plug-in concept

    The video above is a look at the Ford Edge plug-in at AltWheels Boston 2007. The Edge concept is a plug-in electric car with a fuel cell range extender. If it were for sale, you could charge the Edge's lithium-ion batteries by plugging it into a 110- or 220-volt socket or use the fuel cell range ...

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    AltWheels Video: GM describes Tahoe hybrid as a "big ass hybrid," Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud

    The video above is a tour of the GM booth at AltWheels Boston 2007. Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud to know that GM described its new Tahoe hybrid, the company's first full hybrid, as a "big ass hybrid" in the video. That colorful wording proves GM definitely wants the public to think hybrids are big, ...

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    AutoblogGreen goes to AltWheels Boston

    I just got back from AltWheels Boston 2007. Over the next few days, I am going to write about interesting things at the show. There is not much to this article right now but I will update it with links to all the articles about the AltWheels Boston 2007. Until I begin to update this article with ...


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