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    Report: There's now a Tesla Model S registered in all 50 states

    Yes, you too can impress friends at cocktail parties by knowing that the last state to go without a registered Tesla Model S battery-electric sedan was indeed Mississippi. And the second-to-last one was West Virginia. That's what Edmunds is saying, citing data from Polk. Mississippi was the ...

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    Geneva 2011: BMW ActiveE looking to become the Ultimate Electric Driving Machine

    BMW ActiveE - Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW showed us the ActiveE Concept back at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. Now the automaker is using the Geneva Motor Show floor to roll out the latest version of the electrified 1-Series. The BMW ActiveE, following in the footsteps of the Mini E ...

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    Shell chooses oil over whales, threatening Western Pacific Gray

    "Pesky whales. They just have to have their feeding grounds right where we want to put another oil platform. Well, too bad for them." That would seem to be the attitude over at the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company offices, of which Shell is the largest partner after Russia's Gazprom. The ...

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    Consumer Reports: Low-rolling resistance tires fail to meet buyers' expectations

    Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of car tire buyers and discovered that a remarkable 95 percent of consumers were satisfied with their shopping experience. CR also found, though, that less than half of tire buyers researched before purchasing. When "so much is riding on your tires" ...

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    Story of a Decade: compact cars gain weight, become more fuel efficient

    Over the last decade, compact cars have ballooned in size. How much? On average, compact cars sold in the U.S. are 549 pounds heavier and sit on a wheelbase that's 6.4 inches longer than those sold here ten years ago, according to analysis by With that added weight comes the need for ...

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    Judge rules Renault can use Zoe name

    Renault Zoe concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Much to the chagrin of some French women and girls, a judge ruled on Wednesday that automaker Renault can apply the Zoe badge to its upcoming electric hatch. Lawyer David Koubbi, who argued on behalf of two children named Zoe ...

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    Toyota teases RAV4 EV; test fleet to number in the "couple thousand-unit range"

    Toyota RAV4 EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Earlier this year, rumors of a Tesla-Toyota tie up hit the interwebs and, shortly thereafter, the two companies had a coming out party of sorts and officially announced that they were pairing up to work on electric vehicles (EVs). Not ...

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    Inside Line: our Chevy Volt's battery miles cost more than the gas ones

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We often, though sometimes incorrectly, assume that it's cheaper to operate an electric vehicle than a comparable gasoline auto. Hey, who hasn't? While this assumption generally holds true, electrical rates vary widely across the ...

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    Balqon XE20 electric yard tractor invades Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant

    Balqon's baddest bruiser, the battery-powered XE20 yard tractor, tops out at a cool 25 miles per hour, pulls a stunning 30 tons and rumbles down the road for 50 (loaded) to 94 (unloaded) miles courtesy of its 140 kWh lithium-ion battery pack . This brute is powered by a liquid-cooled 240 kW AC ...

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    Getrag to supply electric drive unit for Volvo's battery-powered C30

    During the Paris Motor Show, Volvo confirmed that the C30 battery electric concept was bound for production. The automaker's first wave of electric C30s are tooling around Sweden, but those are prototype units. The production version, slated for launch to the public in 2013, will undergo a ...

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    One city in China aims to have 35,000 electric vehicles on the road in 3 years

    It seems that not a day goes by when some city in China, or even the country as a whole, doesn't boast about its grand electric vehicle (EV) plans and last Friday was no exception. That's when Shenzhen vice-mayor, Tang Jie, speaking at the C40 Hong Kong Workshop, revealed the city's ...

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    Honda to unveil "small-sized vehicle" prototype at Thailand Motor Expo

    Honda New Small Vehicle Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in January, Honda's local operations in India, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., unveiled the not-too-creatively named "New Small Concept" at the Delhi Auto Expo. The three-door, five-seat hatch adopts styling cues from ...

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    Chevy Volt's oil change interval maxes out at two years

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors' patented oil-life monitoring system, found on most of the vehicles it has produced in the last eight or ten years, automatically measures variables like engine cycles, crankcase temperature and oil age to ...

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    Electrics, hybrids to account for nearly a third of all sales by 2020

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A little over a week ago, J.D. Power released the results of its report called "Drive Green 2020: More Hope than Reality." The outlook for green cars, according to the report, isn't all that bright. J.D. Power forecasts that a ...

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    Will Big Brother keep a watchful eye on electric vehicle drivers?

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Automotive News' Hans Greimel posted a piece of interest last week titled "Why EV drivers should worry about Big Brother" (sub. req.). Greimel explains that, at least for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, the "all-seeing eye of Big ...

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    Meijer to install plug-in vehicle chargers at select Michigan supercenters

    Supercenter retailer Meijer Inc. plans to install electric vehicle charging stations at many of its Michigan area stores. The first charging station, installed at the Warren, MI Meijer store, is now operational, and perhaps coincidentally, is located across the street from GM's technical center, a ...

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    Nissan Leaf slapped with $51K price tag in Switzerland

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Here in the U.S., the Nissan Leaf starts at a reasonable $32,780. After $7,500 in federal tax credits, the Leaf rings in at $25,280. Over in Japan, the Leaf sets buyers back ¥3.76 million ($46,225 U.S. at the current exchange ...

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    Piaggio unveils four-wheel NT3 concept city car; hybrid version in the works

    Late last week, Italian scooter maker Piaggio busted out its low-cost, three-seat NT3 concept at the Milan Motorcycle Show. The city car, which features a traditional four-wheel design and a three-seat layout with a central driving position and twin spots in the rear, could be ready to launch by ...

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    Lightning's electric GT entering late prototype phase; production set for 2012

    Lightning Car Company GT – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in February of 2009, UK-based Lightning Car Company announced that it was intent on building and selling its electric GT sometime in 2010. Well, the year is but three months from coming to a close and Lightning, as ...

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    Epyon raises $9.7M; will scale up fast-charger operations in Europe

    In mid-May, Epyon unveiled its fast-charging system for electric vehicles during the Nissan Leaf's brief stop in the city of Amsterdam. Later that month, the company installed Europe's first fast-charging station at a fueling depot in the Netherlands. Now, Epyon announced that it has lined up five ...


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