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    Hybrid Fest VIDEO 6: To Hybrid Fest and Back Again, a Hobbit's Tale by AutoblogGreen

    Being one of the greenest folk of Middle Earth, hobbits are particularly fond of not only the environment, but anything environmentally friendly. The Toyota Prius is their favorite mode of transportation this side of a pony. They have been sensing, however, the smog of evil creeping towards ...

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    Hybrid Fest VIDEO 5: Horacio Calvento and his 88 mpg plug-in Prius

    Now here's a guy that knows how to build a plug-in Prius. I don't mean he just has the technical expertise, which Horacio seems to have in spades, I mean he knows how to build one for only $4000.I met Horacio at HybridFest. He doesn't consider himself a hypermiler, but he is concerned about the ...

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    Hybrid Fest VIDEO 4: The MPG Challenge

    Three grown men, a global positioning system satellite navigation screen, and a map with directions. Seems like shooting fish in a barrel, right? Wrong. These fish apparently are wearing kevlar vests, you have a slingshot, and do I see a chain gun in the flippers of that sturgeon homing in on ...

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    Hybrid Fest VIDEO 3: Ryan Fulcher and Manzanita Micro's plug-in 100 mpg Prius

    Coming at you from Hybrid Fest 2007, here's an interview with Ryan Fulcher about his plug-in Prius. Interestingly, Ryan does not consider himself a hypermiler - he doesn't like to worry about his driving habits, and just drives safely. While that may make those of you in the forest green ...

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    More coverage of HybridFest around the web

    Our own team member Shane went to the HybridFest in Madison, Wisconsin, last weekend and he's got lots of coverage already posted and still more to come, but he wasn't the only one there. ABG friend Matt Kelly of the NextGear and Amanda Congdon of ABC were also there and they have some video ...

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    Hybrid Fest 2007 VIDEO 2: MIMA Inventor Mike Dabrowski

    As mentioned by Insight owner and hypermiler Randall Burkhalter in the first Hybrid Fest video posted, the MIMA system is an electronic retrofit which allows the driver to manually control the Integrated Motor Assist in the Honda Insight. At Hybrid Fest 2007, I got to meet and interview Mike ...

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    HybridFest 2007 VIDEO 1 - Hypermiler Randall Burkhalter and his Honda Insight

    digg_url = ''; Randall Burkhalter is the proud owner of a Honda Insight - the first exclusive hybrid model to the United States. It is not an ordinary Insight, however. Randall has fitted it ...

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    HybridFest 2007 - We came, we saw, we conquered

    From the onset of the MPG Challenge on Friday to the conversion of Wisconsin Power's stock Toyota Prius to a plug-in hybrid on Sunday, HybridFest 2007 was the most rockin' party for treehuggers, hypermilers and other greenfolk this side of the Atlantic. If you feel bad that you didn't make it, you ...

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    Hybridfest 2007: America's largest hybrid car festival, with PHEVs (and ABG)

    On the road again... Hybrid Fest 2007 is happening this weekend, folks, so buckle up, plug your PDA into your Prius, and maximize every ounce of oil in your tank to get to Madison, Wisconsin for two days of jolly green joy. Bloggers, hypermilers, hybrid owners and everyone else is invited to the ...

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    HybridFest 2007 coming to Madison, WI in July

    The second annual Hybridfest is going to happen July 21-22, 2007 at the Alliant Energy Center Grounds in Madison, WI. A local non-profit group called Hybridfest, Inc. organized the first event last summer and after a huge turnout decided to expand the event to two days this time around. The ...


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