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    Recharge Wrap-up: Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive is a rock star, FedEx tests electric trucks
    Ford F-150 To Fight Ram 1500 EcoDiesel For MPG; DOE Funds Algal Biofuel Development 1412200800

    The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is in a new music video for I Lived by OneRepublic. The band's singer, Ryan Tedder, has also been brought on as a brand ambassador for the German automaker. OneRepublic will also be performing the song at the Mercedes-Benz Media Night on the eve of the ...

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    Report: Gordon Murray's MOTIV.e City Car still in the running

    Car designer Gordon Murray, known largely for his work in Formula 1 and with McLaren, says progress is going well for the development of the MOTIV.e City Car electric vehicle for Yamaha, according to Autocar. The MOTIV.e was on display at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook, where ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Lightweight introduces magnetic e-bike concept, NV utility embraces EVs
    Are Electric Buses More Important Than Cars? 1410272160

    Lightweight showed off its Velocité electric bike concept at the Eurobike show in Germany. The Velocité pedelec features a rear rim with magnets mounted in it, and coils inside the seat tube (which wraps around the top of the wheel) to propel it magnetically. The battery is hidden ...

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    Two Wheels: Saroléa resurrects itself with carbon fiber electric motorcycle

    The Saroléa SP7 is an electric carbon-fiber phoenix on a mission from the gods of speed and industry. Just revealed to the public Saturday, it will soon take to the Isle of Man where it will battle the best battery bikes yet built for the 2014 TT Zero trophy. It will also relaunch a ...

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    Study: Aluminum lightweighting does, in fact, save fuel

    When the best-selling US truck sheds the equivalent weight of three football fullbacks by shifting to aluminum, folks start paying attention. Oak Ridge National Laboratory took a closer look at whether the reduced fuel consumption from a lighter aluminum body makes up for the fact that producing ...

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    Official: Patent granted for Lit Motors C-1 gimbaled flywheel stabilization system

    There are a number of transportation devices under development deserving of the adjective, "revolutionary." There are also no shortage of vehicles bestowed with the "vaporware" descriptor. High on both of those lists rests the C-1 from Lit Motors – a self-balancing fully-enclosed electric ...

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    Official: Epic EV delivers first Torq Roadster to former Tesla exec

    Finally, success! Chris Anthony has been trying to launch a three-wheeled electric vehicle for years now – first, with the ill-fated Aptera Motors, which he co-founded, and now with his own Epic EV. Last Saturday, all that effort came together in a triumphant event that saw the Torq ...

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    Epic EV throwing a Torq launch party with free rides

    The journey of the Torq roadster from Epic EV has been pretty low key for a three-wheeled bullhorn of a car that screams, "LOOK AT ME!!!" with its volume stuck at 11. There hasn't been a flood of press releases calling attention to the effort and there are no bizarre long-form commercials ...

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    Official: GM CEO Akerson confirms 200-mile EV in the works, says death of the V8 "greatly exaggerated"

    General Motors isn't talking about how far the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV can go before it needs a charge, but par for the course for today's electric vehicles i2 around 70-100 miles. GM CEO Dan Akerson today confirmed that the company is working on a 200-mile EV (perhaps a Spark, perhaps not) ...

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    Report: Toyota may integrate carbon fiber after Lexus LFA shut-down

    Toyota could integrate carbon-fiber components into some of its future models after shutting down production of its Lexus LFA supercar last month, Automotive News reports. Carbon fiber is both stronger and lighter than traditional vehicle-body materials. It makes sense for Toyota to take ...

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    As Renault delivers first Zoe, company's EV strategy questioned

    Arnaud Montebourg, France's Minister of Industrial Recovery, was handed the keys to the first Renault Zoe electric car on December 17 by Carlos Tavares, Renault Group's chief operating officer. Renault calls the Zoe the "first broadly affordable full-electric car," and the EV qualifies for a ...

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    Bob Lutz joins GM-backed NanoSteel

    NanoSteel Company, a nano-structured steel materials designer, has announced that one of the most quotable characters in the auto industry, Bob Lutz, has joined its board of directors. The 10-year-old, Providence, RI-based company says that it "has achieved a significant breakthrough in the ...

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    Mazda's SkyActiv technology driving hefty weight loss goal

    You may have noticed that Mazda hasn't released a lineup of electric vehicles, hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles. So, how will the automaker reach the demanding 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 federal mandate? By going lightweight and utilizing its Skyactiv technology. As part of its Skyactiv ...

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    Report: GM Ventures invests in new lightweight NanoSteel

    Cutting pounds while making cars safer and stronger is a pursuit of all auto companies. Creative uses of aluminum alloys and exotic materials like carbon fiber help reduce weight and increase fuel economy and/or performance. But both aluminum and carbon fiber are expensive. Steel has been around ...

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    Video: Chip Yates sets electric airplane speed record, lives to tell tale [w/video]

    Because he's quick like that. And lucky. Chip Yates has, in a few short months, converted a Burt Rutan-designed Long-EZ airplane to battery power and, at the same time, undergone all the flight training necessary to get his pilot's license. On Wednesday, he took his renamed Long-ESA (Electric ...

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    Report: Going directly downwind faster than wind, Blackbird again breaks records

    Once again, reports are out about a vehicle powered solely by the wind that can outrun the wind. And once again, we expect continued debates on the subject. Rick Cavallaro and his merry band of enthusiasts recently improved the upwind and downwind speeds of their Blackbird, their DDWFTTW ...

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    Two Wheels: Roskva Electric Motorcycles explores the lighter side with carbon fiber

    Electric vehicles push technologies beyond batteries and software. Take this new prototype from Roskva Electric Motorcycles, for example. In pursuit of a lighter bike, the five UMB engineering students behind this machine took a page from MotoGP and decided to go all out with carbon fiber ...

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    Rice University scientists devise spray-painted battery [w/video]

    Talk about lightweighting. Rice University researchers have figured out a way to – wait for it – spray paint the components of a lithium-ion battery onto any hard surface, suggesting that someone looking to get a little rechargeable power can make like Earl Scheib. The mad scientists ...

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    Report: Honda N600-derived retro city car revealed?

    A spate of images depicting what looks like a new kei car from Honda have jumped online. The diminutive five-door looks to have borrowed its lines from the N Concept 4 the Japanese automaker first showed off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. That funky little machine lifted design elements from the ...

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    Report: 2015 Toyota Prius rumors start flowing

    Toyota has already picked the low-hanging fruit when it comes to boosting the Prius hybrid's fuel economy. But the Japanese automaker's planning on climbing a little further up that tree. That's what Inside Line is reporting about the next, fourth-generation Prius, which is likely to debut in ...


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