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    Recharge Wrap-up: Mini Superleggera decision delayed, Denza begins production
    Local Motion Manages Fleet-Sharing For Businesses 1410386460

    A decision on whether or not to build the Mini Superleggera has been pushed back. Earlier this year, Mini's Peter Schwarzenbauer hinted that the electric roadster concept could eventually make its way to production. Now, Schwarzenbauer is saying that a possible call is still at least six months ...

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    Report: BMW, Sixt carsharing making money most places

    The DriveNow carsharing service, which is a partnership between BMW and Sixt, is growing quite rapidly. "We've been surprised about the explosion of new subscriptions, which has helped boost revenue," says Sixt CEO Erich Sixt. The number of DriveNow users has increased from 215,000 at the end of ...

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    Study: Psychology can wipe out 20-25% of your EV's range

    There are two primary takeaways from a recent study of electric-vehicle driving habits in Germany. One: an electric vehicle with 25 percent of its battery charge left creates the same reaction in drivers as the fuel needle on "E" in a gas-powered car. Two: familiarity breeds comfort. The study, ...

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    Spy Shots: Next-gen Mini E Coupe caught uncovered in Germany

    It's no surprise that Mini is working on an updated Mini E electric vehicle. Just a few weeks ago, the automaker's brand manager, Peter Schwarzbauer, said an electric Mini "fits perfectly with the brand, and I am convinced that we will offer a suitable solution." After all, parent company BMW has ...

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    Report: BMW could revive all-electric Mini

    BMW spent years evolving the all-electric powertrain it introduced in the Mini E back in 2008. The first big change was when the original Mini E was cancelled and the ActiveE was introduced in 2011. Then we have the quantum leap into the i3. If a report over on BMW Blog is correct, we might one ...

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    Exclusive: Mini still mulling diesel model for U.S.

    Patrick McKenna, head of Mini's U.S. product strategy, said Thursday during the automaker's Mini Takes The States road rally that the brand is still considering building a diesel model for U.S. customers, but that it has not reached a final decision. The problem for Mini is apparently ...

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    Report: BMW, Daimler compete in by-the-minute car-sharing service

    So if you see a Smart ForTwo and a Mini racing down the streets of Berlin, here's why. Parent companies Daimler AG and BMW are competing for car-sharing customers in the German capital and now offer car-sharing by the minute, Bloomberg News reports. When you're being charged in 60-second ...

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    Official: Happy 10 year anniversary, Mini

    In 2002, the first U.S. Mini dealership opened in San Francisco. With only one model and a gallon of gas selling for an average of $1.25, there were plenty of critics who said the Mini brand didn't stand a chance in the States. "Mini launched in the U.S. during the time when gas was cheap and ...

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    After 36,000 solar-powered miles, MiniE driver ready to make the switch to BMW ActiveE (and an SUV)

    The name Peder Norby should be familiar to anyone who's been involved with BMW's all-electric MiniE program. The driver of MiniE #183 has put 36,000 sun-powered miles on his EV and has long been a strong proponent of getting more people to make the shift to electric vehicles. His latest target? ...

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    2 millionth Mini rolls off assembly line: Here's your chance to win it

    The two millionth Mini has rolled off the line in Oxford, UK, a feat which took around ten years and sent Minis to 90-plus countries across the globe. According to Mini, if placed bumper-to-bumper, two million Minis would stretch 4,627 miles. Of course, two million Ford F-150s would stretch, um, ...

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    Mini E drivers adapt to their electric vehicles

    While the battery-powered Mini E certainly has some limitations – like two seats instead of four and a real-world driving range that's well below 100 miles – it seems that the vast majority of Mini E drivers have adapted to the vehicle's shortcomings and are extremely pleased with ...

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    Rumormill: Electric Mini Rocketman coming in 2014?

    Mini Rocketman Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 2011 Geneva Motor Show was loaded with concept vehicles, including the Mini Rocketman, a pint-sized two-door that might make its way into dealerships. According to Autocar, Mini intends to launch a production Rocketman ...

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    Edmunds lists most, least fuel-efficient sporty vehicles

    Question: can sporty vehicles be fuel efficient? Answer: yes. Recently, the team over at Edmunds Auto Observer compiled a list of some of the most and least fuel-efficient sporty vehicles available. Surprisingly, there's a monstrous gap (of $165) between the lowest and highest monthly fuel costs ...

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    Toyota Prius leads "green" vehicles in generating most online buzz

    It's not like online "mentions" lead directly to sales, but if they did, then data from Infegy, a leading source for social media analytics, would seem to indicate that the Toyota Prius, in being the overall leader among "green" vehicles in "mentions" on websites, blogs and tweets from March 22 ...

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    Mini E driver hits 1,000 recharges; racks up 54,000 miles

    When BMW launched the Mini E lease program, some potential drivers were disappointed that they would only get to pilot the electrified hatch for 12 months. Later, at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, Mini USA announced an extension of the lease program, allowing current Mini E drivers to retain their ...

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    BMW appoints Kay Segler as Mini brand manager

    BMW has selected Kay Segler, current managing director of BMW M GmbH, to take over as Mini's brand manager, replacing Wolfgang Armbrecht. Previously, Segler headed the Mini brand from 2004 to 2008, overseeing the introduction of a range of models based on the BMW-engineered R56 platform. Segler ...

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    Mini E fleet trials enter phase two in Berlin

    BMW Group, along with Vattenfall Europe, has announced that the Mini E field trial in Berlin, Germany is entering phase two. In total, seventy of the electrified Minis will hit the roads, with 30 going to private customers and 40 earmarked for fleet users. The aim of the trial, funded by the ...

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    Spy Shots: All-wheel-drive Mini Cooper hybrid caught weathering the arctic

    Once you've put an all-electric drivetrain into a Mini Cooper, is it that hard to hybridize one? Well, yes, especially since BMW's limited testing program was intended to give the company information about a plug-in architecture. But our spy photographers have discovered what's believed to be ...

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    Report: Mini Rocketman destined for production

    Mini Rocketman Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    This year's Geneva Motor Show was loaded with concept cars. Even though most of them will never make it past the show's floor, the Mini Rocketman just might eventually roll into dealerships. According to Autocar, Mini plans ...

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    BMW, Peugeot-Citroen to invest $138 million in hybrid joint venture

    In early February, BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroen officially hooked up on a joint venture (JV) to collaborate on hybrid vehicle technologies. BMW revealed that the main focus of the corporate tie up is to develop an open platform that could be used by all European automakers seeking entry in the ...


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