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Myers Motors

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    Official: Myers Motors goes the crowdfunding route with updated NMG2 EV

    Four years ago, Myers Motors was taking pre-orders for what was supposed to be a hyper-efficient, two-seat, three-wheeled vehicle, the NMG2. Then things went quiet. Real quiet. But, hey, whaddya know, there's been some activity. Thanks to tipster Sean, who was one of the original reservation ...

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    NMG two-seat electric car now available for pre-order, could be as low as $22,495.50

    Myers Motors two-seat vehicle- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Myers Motors unveiled the NMG2 (or whatever its final name will be) back in September, and the company is already prepared to take pre-orders for the two-seat electric trike. The car's base price is $29,995 but, if a thousand ...

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    Revealed: Myers Motors' two-seat, all-electric NMG

    Myers Motors two-seat vehicle- Click above for high-res image gallery
    As expected, Myers Motors has revealed their new two-seat model to the world, and it's a much slicker version of the long-in-the-tooth NMG. From the renderings sent to us by Myers, we can see that the vehicle does feature ...

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    Myers Motors gets $250,000 investment for NmG2, the secretive two-seat electric car

    Myers Motors NMG - click for high-res image gallery
    A registered team in the Automotive X Prize, Myers Motors has long been working on its single-seat NmG (pictured) and a much-more secret two-person NmG2 vehicle. The company's efforts just got a financial push thanks to a quarter-million dollar ...

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    Detroit 2009: Myers Motors officially enters the Auto X Prize

    AXP's senior director Cristin Lindsay and Dana Myers
    Way back in 2006, we took an in-depth look at the NMG, a quirky electric vehicle from Myers Motors that seats one and is based on the Corbin Sparrow. Myers Motors is still alive and kicking and selling NMG vehicles (but that Qui Moto didn't ...

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    Alt Car Expo: Brad Hirsch says the Qui Moto not likely to be Myers Motors next car

    We've all had a good time discussing the Qui Moto these last few days, but now comes the rain on the parade: this sleek vehicle is probably not coming to our neighborhoods any time soon. Myers' Motors' Brad Hirsch was on hand at the Alt Car Show in Santa Monica and told me that, while Myers ...

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    Follow-up: more information about the upcoming Myers Motors Qui Moto EV

    All AutoblogGreen readers are hereby deputized to bring us the headlines. Feel free to go in search of green car news, and if you need inspiration, please look to your fellow readers Michael and Todd, both of whom recently gave us a lot more detail about the upcoming all-electric Qui Moto from ...

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    Myers Motors bringing new EV to market in 2007: the Qui Moto

    AutoblogGreen readers are no strangers to Myers Motors and their tiny electric car, the NmG (No more Gas), which Ray Holan profiled in depth last summer. And it's an AutoblogGreen reader tipped us off to the so far low-profile announcement from Myers of their newest EV, the Qui Moto, coming next ...

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    Electric Vehicles in Depth, Part II: NmG, An EV for the Rest of Us

    (Read part one of this article here) George Clooney recently bought an electric vehicle for $108K. The vehicle, a Tango, is good for freeway speeds and stout 0-60 times. But what about the rest of us who dine at restaurants with signs that tout "4 billion served" rather than 4 stars? Can we only ...


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