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    Motorsports: Brammo strong in TTXGP World Championship practice and qualifying [w/video]

    Daytona is a noisy place this weekend, with Biketoberfest happening concurrently with the Fall Cycle Scene. The streets echo with the potato-potato sounds of thousands of Harley Davidson cruisers, whilst inside the Daytona International Speedway, the air is filled with the screams of a few dozen ...

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    Transport Evolved - educated electric vehicle podcast with a British accent

    If you like your electric vehicle news and discussion served fresh with heaping spoonfuls of keen insight, then perhaps you should consider making a standing date on Thursdays at 3:00 EST with the weekly podcast show, Transport Evolved. Hosted by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, the hour-long program ...

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    It's Friday: Try Voltex, a chemical cure for range anxiety

    Voltex – Click above to watch video after the jump
    While there are those who say range anxiety is not really a problem for them, there are clearly many who plan on going down the whole "extender" route to avoid the possibility of one day being embarrassed by a sudden lack of go-power. But, ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #24

    The Autoblog Green Podcast has finally reached our second dozen! Sebastian and Sam kicked it just before the July 4th holiday, and touched on the Tesla sedan, fuel prices making a possible case for economical vehicles to consumers, ethanol from invasive species, and the possibility of GM dusting ...

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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #23

    Sebastian is joined by Jeremy for AutoblogGreen Podcast #23, since Sam was hanging out with Bob Lutz and his Vectrix scooter when we recorded. Jeremy recounts his experience with Piaggio MP3 scooters on a ride from New York to Connecticut, and we move on to talk about the limited Prius supply as of ...

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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #22

    For Episode #22 of the AutoblogGreen podcast, Sam and Sebastian recap the AVFI show in Las Vegas, and enter into a discussion focusing on diesel. Still on the diesel tip, Sam talks excitedly about the Volkswagen TDI Cup racing series before moving on to the much more charged topic of EV ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #21

    It's tales from the road for episode #21 of the AutoblogGreen Podcast. Sebastian got a peek behind the curtain at GM to see the Chevrolet Volt, and Sam jet-setted to sample wares from Audi and BMW. Hybrids, diesels, EVs, and more – plus, we wrap up with an interview with Tesla's Daryl Siry ...

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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #20 - Geneva Motor Show wrap-up

    Episode 20 of the AutoblogGreen Podcast has us recapping Geneva mere days before we head to New York. There were lots of exciting things over in Switzerland, and we touch on a few of them. Th!nk's new Ox will be a Tesla-magnitude achievement if it hits the market doing what the company says it ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #19 - Chicago Auto Show 2008 wrap-up

    Some people use airport layovers to sleep, read, or get a meal. Sam and Sebastian took the opportunity to record AutoblogGreen Podcast #19. While waiting for a plane to whisk them back home from the Chicago Auto Show, we recapped a few things we saw at the show. It wasn't the greenest show we've ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #18

    Episode 18 of the Autoblog Green Podcast sees us reminiscing about the North American International Auto Show, recently passed in Detroit. We start with the reconfigured Saturn Vue Hybrid from AFS - the "extreme hybrid" claiming a narrowly defined150 mpg. AFS's claims point up the need for a new ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #17 - Coskata Energy's Bill Roe

    We're in Detroit now, but Sebastian and Sam took some time to chat about a few things before leaving for the show. Rick Wagoner's CES keynote was historic, as was the appearance of the Cadillac Provoq at that show. Coming up at Detroit we'll bring you details on all of the alternative and ...

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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #16 - Pimp My Ride's Beau Boeckmann

    We're back for AutoblogGreen Podcast #16. In this installment, Sebastian updates us on some of the really amazing things he saw while at EVS23 in Anaheim. Speaking of really cool stuff, our interview this time is with Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Autosports. Sebastian and Beau talk in depth about the ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #15

    Sebastian and Sam are back for episode 15 of the AutoblogGreen Podcast. We start with a recap of what Sam got to see at the LA Auto Show - the Honda FCX Clarity, Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, as well as the GM 2-Mode Hybrid trucks. While in LA, Sam got to take a thrilling ride in a Tesla Roadster with ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #14

    We're back for AutoblogGreen Podcast #14. In this installment, we recap the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo and many of the interesting things we saw at that show. Everything from converted Russian hatchbacks as NEVs to excessively fast electric drag racers. Sam is currently covering the LA Auto Show for ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #13 - Santa Monica Alt Car Expo and Tokyo Motor Show previews

    It's the lucky 13th episode of the Autoblog Green Podcast, just in time for Halloween. More importantly, just in time for the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo. The Alt Car Expo starts soon, and Sebastian will be there. It's one of the largest green car shows in the world, and admission is even free. ...

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    AutoblogGreen Podcast #12 - Frankfurt Motor Show roundup

    Better late than never, right? It's totally my fault that AutoblogGreen Podcast #12 is so late in coming, but here it is! Episode 12 is a Frankfurt recap show, and John Neff from joins Sebastian and Sam to talk about some of the highlights of the dual-personality (green and not so ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #11

    As we head toward the Frankfurt Motor show, AutoblogGreen Podcast #11 is filled with talk about what we'll see at the show. There've been lots of developments from European manufacturers, and we're eager to see those cars up close. Sam also got the chance to attend a GM Powertrain event at their ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #10

    Autoblog Green hits podcast number 10, which has us talking about Martin Eberhard's move at Tesla, for starters. The car is still on track, regardless of management. We've got a couple of interviews, one with Nick Kovics from Ballard Power Systems about the fuel cell work they've been doing with ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #9 - Ford's hybrids and hydrogen

    This week, Sam brings back two interviews - one with Ford's Scott Staley about what's going on in Hybrid land, which is then balanced by a conversation with John Lapetz that pulls back the curtain on the hydrogen research that's been going on in Dearborn. Also touched on are the Chevy Volt and the ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #8 - Tobia Ciottone of Zipcar

    Have a seat and get the latest green car news in easy-to-carry audio format. For the eighth AutoblogGreen podcast, we speak with Tobia Ciottone of ZipCar Chicago. If you've ever wanted to know how to bring car-sharing to your town, we've got the answer. SUBSCRIBE to the AutoblogGreen Podcast in ...


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