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    Official: Daimler ramping up Smart Fortwo Electric Drive prodution to meet "high" demand

    Like Ford in the US, Daimler makes vehicles with different kinds of powertrains in one plant. Over in Hambach, France, around 750 Daimler elves workers put out all the Smart Fortwos in the world, over 1.4 million and counting. Daimler now also makes the Fortwo Electric Drive there, the first ...

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    Seat testing three electric cars in Barcelona (yes, just three)

    Seat continues on its snail's pace to make electric vehicles by the middle of the decade by sending three – three! – Altea XL Electric Ecomotive EVs to the city of Barcelona, Spain for tests. The Barcelona City Hall will use its all-electric vehicle in its municipal car fleet for the ...

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    Official: Seat's new plug-ins: Altea XL Electric Ecomotive, Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive

    Seat hasn't exactly been at the forefront of the plug-in vehicle movement, but the company has just unveiled two new vehicles that show it won't be left completely in the zero-emission dust. Until now, the Volkswagen brand has been happy to focus on reducing CO2 emissions from its vehicles ...

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    Frankfurt: 2012 Seat Exeo 2.0-liter diesel returns remarkable 54.7 mpg

    Revamped for 2012, the stylish Seat Exeo has shown the world its fresh new face at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The automaker says the refreshed Exeo has a more stylized front end, a freshened interior and LED daytime running lights. The 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine offers improved fuel ...

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    Geneva 2011: SEAT IBX Concept looks... appliance white

    SEAT IBX Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Geneva Motor Show is in high gear, and Volkswagen subsidiary SEAT has no intentions of sitting on the sidelines during the massive European show, as the IBX crossover clearly illustrates. The IBX was penned to show the Spanish ...

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    Paris 2010: Seat Ibe concept, the zero-emissions sports coupe of the future

    Seat Ibe concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    By unveiling the Ibe all-electric sports coupe concept at the Paris Motor Show, automaker Seat showed that it's about ready to go toe-to-toe with some of the big dogs in the world of dreamy battery-powered machines. The low-slung ...

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    Report: SEAT to produce IBE electric coupe

    SEAT IBEconcept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volkswagen's Spanish outpost at SEAT snuck out a battery-powered concept at Geneva last week called the IBE. It now appears that SEAT is intent on moving forward with production of the IBE. Just before the show, Volkswagen announced ...

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    Geneva 2010: SEAT IBEconcept is stylin' [w/VIDEO]

    SEAT IBEconcept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While the Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo (or "SEAT" as it's known in popular parlance) may not have a lot of soul-stirring designs in its stable, a little electric coupé on display at the 80th Geneva ...

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    SEAT starts installing solar panels on Martorell factory roof

    As we announced, SEAT is trying to maximize the possibilities of the sunny Mediterranean climate for its factory in Martorell, near Barcelona, Spain. SEAT's plan is ambitious, and could allow the plant to be able to function almost off the grid. The factory will use 320,000 m2 of solar panels on ...

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    Austrian hyper-miler beats his own record when driving a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive to 100 mpg

    Last May, Austrian Gerhard Plattner took a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive and drove it from the factory where it was built, in Martorell (near Barcelona), Spain, and drove it a distance of 970.6 miles using just 2.9 liters of fuel per 100 km. This comes to 81.1 mpg (U.S.), an impressive figure. But, since ...

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    Frankfurt preview: SEAT extends Ecomotive line, León CO2 emissions drop to 99 g/km

    Along with the arrival of the next-generation TDI engines to the Spanish automaker SEAT's lineup, the company's Ecomotive high-milers get updated with an all-new 1.6-liter common-rail diesel to go with the 1.4-liter 3-cylinder for the Ibiza. The León, Altea and Altea XL all get the new ...

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    REPORT: how the Up! might find a home in the new array of VW-group offerings

    VW Up! concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Regular readers are surely aware of the new city car model that Volkswagen is preparing called the Up! Until now, European shoppers looking for a relatively cheap VW, could only get an imported Fox from Brazil that dosen't have too much of ...

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    Seat Brisa and Duna concepts point the way to solar power

    Seat Brisa and Duna concepts - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    At this point, vehicles covered in solar panels aren't yet able to offer a viable alternative to the fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks that we currently rely on. There's hope that this fact will someday change, but that ...

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    Austrian hyper-miler gets 81.1 mpg in Seat Ibiza Ecomotive

    Once upon a time when drivers went driving across multiple countries, it was in pursuit of doing it in the least amount of time. These days, it seems to be just as often that drivers are still going for the least, but now it's about minimizing fuel consumption. After a team of drivers ran over ...

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    New TDI engines spread through VW family

    The all-new generation of Volkswagen TDI engines, fitted with common-rail technology instead of pump-injectors, is spreading through the corporate family. Next June, Seat is getting the new 1.6-liter diesel engines under the hoods of the Ibiza. The new 90hp version, which is the detuned version ...

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    Audi announces production of the Q3, looking for low-CO2 help

    Audi's new subcompact crossover, the Q3, will be built in Seat's plant in Martorell, near Barcelona, in Spain. After a €100 million subsidy from Spanish institutions, the plant will be able to keep 1,200 jobs. Production will begin in 2011 with an annual production capacity of up to 80,000 ...

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    Seat León FR TDI: heaps of diesel power without the VW price

    If you think that the Volkswagen Golf GTD is a tad expensive, take a look at the León FR TDI. VW's Spanish company, Seat, offers most of the Golf GTD's package, including the same engine, a 2.0-liter unit able to produce 170hp, at a slightly lower price. The sad part is that this engine, ...

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    VW Up! may be too expensive for ?koda and Seat

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the up!
    Volkswagen's NSF (new small family) concepts, the up! series, has been on our radar since appearing at auto shows in late 2007. Last fall, VW committed to bringing these vehicles to production models, and we heard that the leading candidate for a ...

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    Geneva 2009: Seat Leon Ecomotive with 99 g/km of CO2 and 62 mpg U.S.

    Click above for a high res gallery of the SEAT Leon Ecomotive Concept
    Amid all of the fanciful green concept cars debuting in Geneva like the Rinspeed iChange and the Magna Steyr Mila EV comes something a little more standard looking: the SEAT Leon Ecomotive concept. As you can see from the large ...

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    Spain announces $5.3 billion in aid for domestic auto industry

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Seat Ibiza Ecomotive
    The United States, the United Kingdom and France have already announced plans to stimulate the ailing automakers and suppliers that do business in their countries, so it's not too surprising to hear that Spain has joined in the ...


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