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Vegetable Oil

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    In preparing for World Cup, Brazil buses go biofuel

    Brazil gets to showcase two of its passions next year: biofuels and soccer. The world's largest biofuel producer is hosting the World Cup next year, and visitors will be traveling around in biodiesel buses. It should be cleaner – and safer – than hanging out of car ...

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    Propel Fuels adding hundreds of biofuel stations soon

    Propel Fuels is acquiring $21 million in funding to add more than 200 fuel stations in new and existing markets over the next two years, offering more drivers E85 ethanol and biodiesel blends. The company currently sells fuel out of 31 existing retail stations in California and Washington, ...

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    Cor-Vegge puts veggie oil to the Corvette test at LeMons

    There might be only one veggie-powered Chevrolet Corvette in the world, and it's part of the 24 Hours of LeMons endurance racing series that showcases $500 beater cars. "Spank," the owner and builder, has pieced together the Cor-Vegge on a a C4 Corvette body, powered by a 1980s Oldsmobile diesel ...

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    The Nutmobile: Mr. Peanut goes green with new set of wheels

    Planters Nutmobile – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mr. Peanut can't be relegated to just any automobile. After all, as the face of Nabisco's Planters division and as one of the most beloved (though just a wee bit creepy, if we're being honest) mascots in American history, Sir Nut ...

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    Veggie Van smashes Guinness record for longest journey on alternative fuels

    Veggie Van – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Diesels continue to set records all over the place. Audi and Peugeot are dominating the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) with their diesel-powered race cars. The mighty Touareg TDI destroys the offroad competition at Dakkar. Volkwagen's ...

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    There's a fungus among us (other biodiesel feedstocks)

    Researchers in Spain have demonstrated that they can transform fungus directly into commercial-grade biodiesel.Through a process we admittedly don't pretend to completely understand, the fungus mucor circinelloides is made into ASTM-D6751-spec biodiesel without first having its oils extracted, a ...

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    Dallas collects waste grease from residents, gives away Whole Food gift cards

    While Wired got into the Christmas spirit by thinking of ways to turn holiday waste into alternative energy, two stores in Dallas, Texas quite literally offered the service, with a bit of free food thrown in for fun. Over the weekend, a Whole Foods grocery store in Lakewood accepted leftover ...

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    Meet the MAX: Homemade biodiesel-powered Lotus Seven replica

    Generally speaking, purchasing an eco-friendly automobile is an expensive proposition. One way to reduce that cost is by going homemade. Such is the case with Jack McCormack from Kinetic Vehicles, who decided that he would love to have fun, practical, affordable and high-mileage two seater under ...

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    Should I switch to straight veggie oil? What is holding SVO back?

    We like to answer reader questions with our Greenlings series whenever possible, and thought that Timothy H. had a good topic. He sent in the following question/suggestion about straight vegetable oil (SVO):

    I have seen several articles dealing specifically with SVO, but not as it concerns the ...

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    Can I convert an older vehicle to something more environmentally-friendly?

    Converted plug-in Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Cash For Clunkers is officially over and helped put almost 700,000 new cars on the road. Now that the easy $4,500 are no longer available to buyers with low-mpg cars, we thought it'd be a good time to answer AutoblogGreen ...

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    Red... Yellow... GREEN! Alternative vehicles take over drag strip

    Green means go. It's one of the first universal truths taught in school and it will be proven once again at the upcoming Santa Pod's Alternative Energy Race Day. According to Managing Director, David Lloyd Jones, "As a venue, we derive a great deal from Motorsport, so it's important that we do ...

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    SEMA 2008: Making Green Cool Zone trucks

    Click above for high-res gallery of Making Green Cool Zone trucks from SEMA
    We are so used to huge trucks with outlandish paint jobs at SEMA, that we barely noticed these monstrosities in one corner of the upper level of the South Hall. But then we spotted the "Making Green Cool Zone" banner ...

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    Review: L.A. Premiere of Josh Tickell's "Fuel"

    Josh Tickell with producer and fiancee Rebecca Harrell
    "America is addicted to oil...It's time for an intervention." That is the tagline for FUEL, Josh Tickell's redo of 2008's Sundance Audience Award winner, Fields of Fuel. We talked to Josh about that movie a couple of years, before he actually ...

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    You can do it, too: Convert a Toyota 4runner to diesel, then to veggie oil

    Interested in a Toyota 4Runner but wish it had a diesel powerplant? In the U.S., your engine options are limited to a 4 liter V6 or a 4.7 liter V8 (and you don't get the V8 in all states). But, if you're not in the U.S. and buying a Toyota Hilux Surf (i.e., a 4Runner with a different name), then ...

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    Michigan students power buses with veggie oil

    It's no secret to the majority of our readers that it is possible to run many older diesel engines on nothing more than straight vegetable oil. In fact, the first diesel engine, invented by Rudolph Diesel, ran on peanut oil. This fact is also well known by the students at the Michigan Technical ...

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    AltWheels returns to Boston area next month

    Last year, the fifth annual AltWheels festival featured a lot of cool green car goodness - along with things like Darth Vader discussing HUMMER and a vegoil MINI. This year, the show returns to the Boston area for three days one day of greener transportation discussion and presentations, including ...

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    Fendt announces new greener tractors

    Although we haven't spoken too much about tractors, I think it's good to know that green technologies are improving these vehicles. Take this example, German tractor manufacturer Fendt has announced that its new lineup of Vario tractors which reach the Com III emission standards which come in ...

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    Manila Police to use WVO from McDonalds

    Police in Manila, the capitol city of the Philippines, have taken up a cool new effort in order to save some green, though they will be spreading some green in the process. It seems that the Police force will be converting its cruisers to run on a mixture of waste vegetable oil (WVO) and diesel ...

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    Craigslist Find of the Day: '67 Mercury Cougar with Mercedes diesel engine

    Click on the image for high-res shots of this diesel 1967 Mercury CougarMuch of the vegetable oil and biodiesel movement centers around the classic Mercedes-Benz inline six cylinder engine, but fine examples of the genre are getting tougher to find. As is always the case with older machines, time ...

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    Video: Veggie oil explained easy

    Gavin Shappiro sent us a very well edited video of a green hobby: driving a 2005 Volkswagen Golf TDI with vegetable oil. As most of our readers know, converting a diesel car to run on vegetable oil is not a difficult thing to do, and virtually any diesel car can run with it. Gavin's friend Chase ...


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