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Tiny Colibri EV seats one, due in 2015 for under 10,000 euros

by Sebastian Blanco (RSS feed) on Mar 6th, 2013 at 6:27PM

Tiny electric vehicles intended for congested urban areas are nothing new. It's easy to see where the Colibri from Innocative Mobility Automobile GmbH (IMA), unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week, shares some intention DNA with EVs like the GM EN-V, the Myers Sparrow or the new Toyota i-Road. And so what if it does? A lot of people apparently think there is a market for compact EVs, and why should we discourage them? Each one brings something different to the table, and IMA says the Colibri's "distinct features are a long lifecycle and short charging times." That means a battery that... Read More

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