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2012 toyota prius

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    Report: Toyota Prius now best-selling model(s) in California

    We've heard the Toyota Prius jokingly called the State Bird of California, but recent sales data shows that the world's most popular hybrid is, in fact, the best-selling car in the state. Well, the best-selling vehicle line, at least, since the Prius now comes in four variants. If you add up ...

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    Report: Toyota announces service campaign to fix exhaust on 28,000 Prius V hybrids

    Toyota engineers worked hard to get the emissions that come out of the tailpipe of the Prius V down to a low level, but that doesn't mean that everything is copacetic with the car's exhaust system. To fix a known problem, Toyota has announced a service campaign for the Prius V, both in the U.S. ...

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    Study: One and Done: Study says most hybrid drivers don't buy another

    How much do hybrid drivers really, truly like their cars? According to R.L. Polk, not all that much – at least not in 2011. Polk has released a new hybrid loyalty analysis that concludes that only 35 percent of people who bought a hybrid bought another one last year. The data comes from ...

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    Official: Toyota revises 2012 Prius with minor tweaks inside and out

    For Model Year 2012, the world's hybrid sales champ, the Toyota Prius, features an advanced infotainment system and mild exterior styling revisions. Toyota says 2012 Prius Liftback (the new name for the standard Prius as part of the extended family) can be equipped with the automaker's ...

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    Report: Toyota to offer optional, 1,500-watt AC outlet on 2012 Prius in Japan

    Shortly after the devastating quake in Japan, Toyota chief executive officer Akio Toyoda received letters indicating that owners of Toyota Estima hybrids used electricity stored in their vehicle's battery pack to "charge mobile phones or warm up emergency supplies or food." This action has ...

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    Plug in Cars: Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid missing critical EV button

    2010 Plug-in Prius Prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Inside Line tested Toyota's Plug-in Prius last June, the team averaged 62 miles per gallon over 500 odd miles of driving. Then, last September, the California Center for Sustainable Energy reported that the Plug-in ...


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