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    Report: Need more cup holders for your Tesla Model S? 3D print some

    What do you get for the car owner that has everything? Well, if it's the owner of a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, you can either get him or her a $500 cup-holder insert that sets atop the car's center console or, better yet, score him or her a 3D printer that can print one out. Street Insider ...

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    Report: Meet the Areion, the first 3D-printed automobile

    Think of it as a giant printer than can bend auto-body parts ... and a concept that pretty much bends the mind. A bunch of Belgian engineers, who obviously downed a few Trappist beers to dream up this idea, managed to make a mini-racecar-shaped electric vehicle from body panels that were made ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A with Firefly Energy co-founder Mil Ovan on new lead-acid battery tech: 3D2

    As we mentioned the other day, Firefly Energy is setting out to change the way we think of lead-acid batteries. Mil Ovan, Firefly Energy co-founder, spoke with AutoblogGreen about this new battery technology and what it might mean for PHEVs and EVs. As for why a company that is initially building ...


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