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    HHI's Volta 102 - rockers vs. mods goes electric

    Say you're in the market for an electric motorcycle but you don't like the modern styling of a Zero S or a Brammo Enertia. Or maybe you do, but some jerk who works in your office already has one. Well, now you can get a modern electric bike that looks like anything but. Check out custom bike ...

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    Details on Derbi GPR EV leak out; will it reach production?

    Derbi GPR-EV – Click above to enlarge
    A little over a month ago, a video surfaced showing an electric motorcycle that was obviously created from a production Derbi motorcycle. At the time, we couldn't say for sure whether this was a factory effort or something made by either a fan or ...

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    To Infineon and Beyond: TTXGP brings electric motorcycle racing to America

    Mavizen TTX02 - Click above to enlarge
    Earlier this year at the annual time trials at the famed Isle of Man, the inaugural TTXGP electric motorcycle race proved that battery-powered bikes can be just as entertaining and exciting as their gasoline-swilling and emissions-spewing siblings. Not quite ...

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    TTXGP eGrandPrix comes to the USA

    Brammo Enertia TTR race bike - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    As excited as we are about the upcoming TTXGP zero-emissions eGrandPrix, we're more than a bit bummed that we're not going to get the chance to see the bikes take to the track in person. With that in mind, we were quite ...

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    Electric Motorsport, Barefoot Motors show off TTXGP entries

    Electric Motorsport GPR-S TTXGP bike - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Two more of the expected participants in the upcoming TTXGP zero-emission TT race have released a few interesting details on the electric motorcycles they'll be using at the event, and they are both from familiar ...

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    Imperial College of London to enter TTXGP

    A member of the Imperial College of London's TTXGP Team wrote in to let us know about the school's entry into the upcoming zero-emissions motorcycle race at the Isle of Man. At this point, details remain scarce about the vehicle, but the renderings appear to be based on the chassis and bodywork of ...

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    eKRAD electric supermoto bike from Germany

    There are a number of electric motorcycles and dirtbikes already on the market, and it looks like at least one more will be coming from Germany in the near future from eKRAD. A 21 kilowatt (28 horsepower) electric motor gets its juice from lithium polymer batteries that put out 72 volts of power. ...

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    Electric Motorsport introduces the GPR-S electric motorcycle

    Click above for more shots of the GPR-S electric motorcycle
    Is there finally a good-looking electric motorcycle with decent specifications available on the market in the U.S. for a relatively affordable price? It looks that way, as Electric Motorsport has just released its new GPR-S electric ...


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