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    Former GM EV1 product manager discusses why Nissan Leaf won't flop

    While the current crop of electric vehicles are a far cry from the failed attempts to produce commercially viable electrics back in the mid-90s, many still doubt that EVs can be successful. Much of that doubt stems from the multi-billion dollar flop from GM known as the EV1. The EV1 was the ...

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    At Witz' End: GM EV1 - The Real Story, Q&A II

    Editor's Note: If you missed Gary's previous articles on the history of GM's EV1, please start here. This post is the second of three posts where he answers reader questions that the EV1 series raised. Part I is here and Part III will run tomorrow. Gary's promised to move on to current and relevant ...

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    Bob Lutz: EV1 never coming back

    Our friend John McElroy isn't the only person out there who thinks that General Motors should dust off the old EV1 program and re-release it for public consumption again. Apparently, a passionate electric car enthusiast copied Mr. Bob Lutz himself on a letter suggesting that the EV1 needs to be ...

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    Fingering the suspect (you) in the EV's death, again

    it may not be the most original take on the question of why we don't have a robust EV infrastructure in America today, but Michael Kanellos's post over on CNET on just who killed the electric car is nonetheless a very good read. Take this line as an example: "This is General Motors and Ford Motor ...

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    Who killed the jet powered electric car? Nobody... see the video!

    The press and consumers alike are already questioning so-called green cars like the pricey hybrids from Lexus as to just how "green" they really are. The same goes for the Prius, as the well-known debate over whether the "well to wheel" environmental cost is not only just not worth it, but worse ...

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    The Truth About Cars: Hard-core EV freaks and eco-poseurs are going to love the Tesla

    The first time that The Truth About Cars wrote about the Tesla Roadster, the results were less than thrilling to fans of the electric sports car. They have since decided that the vehicle is worthy of another of their editorials. This time, how will their readers react? In this latest editorial, ...

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    Not all the electric cars were killed

    A couple of years back fans of the GM EV1 electric car got very upset when GM decided to take back all the cars that they had leased. Someone even made a movie about it. There was a big uproar over the fact that the EV1s were the be crushed. However, not all of the cars were in fact destroyed. ...

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    Exclusive Q&A with Chelsea Sexton about the EV1, why the Prius gets a 'C', and who really killed the electric car

    You don't have to spend much time talking with Chelsea Sexton to realize she is passionate about electric vehicles. Sexton has been part of the EV debate that started in the 1990s with the debut of General Motor's first mass-production all-electric vehicle, the EV1. Sexton worked for GM, leasing ...


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