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    China's Qaidam oil sands test a-okay, daily crude production could reach 700 tons

    Oil sand samples obtained from the Yousha Mountain in the Qaidam basin located in the northwestern region of China have been sampled, tested and deemed "feasible" for further development and exploration. As the China Petroleum Daily reports, samples contain a high percentage of clean oil that ...

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    Reasons to quit: Millions of gallons leaking from oil sands tailings ponds daily

    Just in case you needed another reason to cut back on your gasoline consumption, you might consider the pollution catastrophe we are creating in Canada, America's main oil supplier. A new report (PDF) released by Environmental Defense, using industry figures, estimates that tailings ponds created ...

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    Oil sands projects bogging down

    The recent drop in oil prices, in combination with the failing economy, is taking a toll in the development of Canadian oil sands. Because of low labor productivity and increasing costs, the Canadian-based industry is finding it increasingly difficult to compete in the global marketplace. Poor ...

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    U.S. mayors call for oil sands boycott

    Oil sands mining transforms the landscape Photo: David Dodge, Pembina InstituteAmerican mayors attending their annual meeting in Florida this week adopted a resolution that "supports federal legislation that prohibits government use of unconventional or synthetic fuels" derived from CO2-intensive ...

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    Oil sands producers could shift to geothermal power

    Thanks to the increased cost of crude oil in recent years, there have been moves to make big expansions in oil production in northern Alberta, Canada. Alberta has some of the largest known petroleum reserves in the world, but unfortunately much of it is locked up in tar sands that need processing ...


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