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Quick Charge

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    Report: SF Bay Area will get more quick-charging stations for Nissan Leafs

    Northern California Nissan Leaf owners may be in for their own San Francisco Treat of sorts, as the automaker said it's planning to deploy more quick-charging stations that will be accessible to the electric vehicles, Plug In Car reports. Nissan spokesman Tim Gallagher, speaking with the San ...

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    Tesla Supercharger network to feature solar panels, battery swapping

    Supplying energy for cars on the move is an important piece of the electric vehicle puzzle and in this regard Tesla Motors is taking a unique approach. At some time in the future – the company is not saying when, exactly – it plans to reveal what it calls its Supercharger ...

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    Report: Fill 'er up! Nissan working on 10-minute rapid charger for electric vehicles

    One of the major drawbacks of electric vehicles – aside from limited range – is lengthy recharge times. Stopping for a quick fill is the norm with fossil-fueled vehicles, but not so with plug-ins. Nissan is working on a solution to the problem, though: a ten-minute charger. Nissan's ...

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    Report: Daily quick-charging won't really affect battery life of Mitsubishi i

    Repeated use of a DC Fast Charge, "Level 3" quick-charge unit negatively affects the long-term performance of the battery pack that powers most plug-in vehicles, right? Wrong, according to Mitsubishi. Officials over at Mitsubishi believe that even daily use of a quick-charge unit won't have ...

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    Report: Murphy Express in Tennessee becomes first gas station to install Level 3 quick-charger

    Stemming from an agreement signed back in September of 2010, Eaton Corporation and Murphy Oil USA have revealed what's believed to be the nation's first Level 3 quick-charge unit installed at, wait for it, a gas station. The Eaton DC Quick Charger, installed at Murphy Express Gas on Lee Highway in ...

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    Nissan looks to corner quick-charge industry with half-price unit

    Nissan has teamed up with leading European firms, including Circutor, DBT, Efacec, Endesa and Siemens, to speed development and installation of public-access quick-charge stations across Europe. This agreement centers on the widespread deployment of Nissan's sub-$10,000 quick-charger, a unit ...

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    Nissan reveals sub-$10,000 quick charger

    Nissan Motor Co. revealed what might just be the world's cheapest quick-charge station. Priced below $10,000 and set to go on sale in November, Nissan's newly-developed quick-charge unit takes up significantly less space than most competing Level 3 chargers and is supposedly easier to install, ...

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    Nissan VP: Electric vehicle infrastructure is not as simple as "if you build it, they will come"

    Nissan executive vice-president Andy Palmer is one chatty man. Late last week, Palmer headed a Q&A session with Nissan Global Media Center. While much of the discussion focused on electric vehicles, it's Palmer's answer to question number nine that piqued our curiosity:

    Q9: Let's talk ...

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    Nichicon develops world's smallest quick-chargers

    A relatively unknown Japanese firm, one that goes by the name of Nichicon, has developed and will soon launch what it says are the world's smallest quick-charge stations for plug-in vehicles. Nichicon's NGQ-A202 and NGQ-A302 use what the firms calls "advanced module technology" to shrink down ...

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    AeroVironment to install quick-charge stations along Oregon's I-5 corridor

    The Oregon Department of Transportation has turned to AeroVironment to install quick-charge stations along the I-5 corridor from California in the south to the Willamette Valley region in the north. This install is part of the West Coast Green Highway project – a vision for a consistent ...

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    Nissan Leaf owner finds closed quick-charge station is absolutely useless

    Vacaville, CA, like a handful of other cities within the U.S., has a Level 3 quick-charge station for plug-in vehicles. The unit in Vacaville was activated in late May 2010 and uses the CHAdeMO charging protocol. Though standardized in Japan, the U.S. has not approved the CHAdeMO interface. ...

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    Epyon to deliver multiple Terra 51 quick-charge stations to Lyse Energi in Norway

    Epyon BV has kicked off deliveries of "multiple" Terra 51 Charge Stations to Lyse Energi in Norway. The Terra 51, a commercial quick-charge unit, is a single-port system with CHAdeMO's seal of approval. Recently, Epyon installed a single Terra 51 station in the southern Norwegian city of ...

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    Nation's first public quick-charge station opens up in Portland, OR [w/video]

    Quick charge station in Portland, OR - Click above to watch video after the jump
    Okay, despite the argument that there may not be a need for public chargers, we can't help but be giddy to announce that the U.S. finally has its first quick-charge station. The installation is now complete at the ...

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    Nissan announces 49 kW quick charger for EVs

    In preparation for the December launch of its Leaf EV, Nissan has developed its own electric vehicle charge station that will be installed at all of its dealers in Japan. There will actually be two different chargers available – a standard single-phase 200 volt version will be available at ...

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    New battery charger is supposedly really fast - from 0 to 50 percent in just 3 minutes

    What if you could charge an electric vehicle (EV) in about the same amount of time that its take to fuel up a gasoline car? Would EVs reach mainstream status if charging them was a simple, three minute procedure? Well, we may find out soon. The Nikkei newspaper is reporting that Japen-based JFE ...

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    Eaton developing faster electric vehicle charging system for home, commercial use

    With the early initial success of the Nissan Leaf already showing us that electric vehicles are in high demand, we now must address the infrastructure issue. In short, we need more chargers and we need them now. To fill the void, Eaton Corp. has teamed up with Japan-based Takaoka Electric to ...

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    Video: Robert Llewellyn's Gearless looks into quick charging for his i-MiEV

    Gearless – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Robert Llewellyn bounced from his excellent web video series Carpool to an electric vehicle-centric show called Gearless. The new short videos revolve around Llewellyn's year-long affair with a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. While he once joked that ...

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    What are the benefits of charging stations vs. battery swaps vs. home charging?

    As electric vehicles (EVs) slowly emerge back into the transportation picture after 100 years of semi-hibernation, consumers may be faced with a paradigm quite different from the regular visits to the gas station most are used to. The three leading new options to re-supply our autos with energy ...


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