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    Official: Boulder Electric keeps on trucking with vehicle-to-grid charging demonstrations

    Boulder Electric Vehicle is gradually taking demonstrations of its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology westward, spreading the gospel of an electric truck that can power itself while providing about 60 kilowatts worth of juice for a building or another outside source. The company demonstrated its ...

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    Report: Boulder EV rolling out vehicle-to-grid charging in electric trucks

    After working with Coritech Services on a bi-directional DC fast charging solution, Boulder Electric Vehicle says it's now the first-ever electric truckmaker to successfully implement Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging. The two companies displayed an electric flatbed utility truck equipped with a ...

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    Report: 200,000 vehicle-to-grid plug-ins to be sold by 2020

    Electric vehicles camped in parking spaces will be an ideal vehicle-to-grid energy source for buildings equipped with energy management systems. A new report from Navigant Research forecasts that nearly 200,000 plug-in electric vehicles equipped with vehicle-to-building (V2B) technology will be ...

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    Official: Kandi EV gets 20,000 orders in Hangzhou, China

    When a Chinese city of more than 8 million people talks, electric-vehicle makers listen. In this case, Kandi Technologies has received a huge EV distribution agreement with the city of Hangzhou that will see 20,000 vehicles leased throughout the city in an effort to test vehicle-to-grid ...

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    Report: Nissan latest vehicle-to-grid Leaf test supplies peak-hour electricity

    Consider this a cart-pulls-horse scenario. Nissan has started a trial program in Japan that involves a Leaf electric vehicle supplying power to a building during mid-afternoon peak electricity-usage periods, Green Car Congress reported, citing the Nikkei. Under the program, a municipal building ...

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    EVS: How Enron's 2001 mess leads to more plug-in vehicle chargers from NRG Energy today

    Turns out, the Enron scandal will end up benefiting electric cars. At EVS26 in Los Angeles this week, we caught up with Arun Banskota, the president of electric vehicle services for NRG Energy, and he filled us in on some of the plug-in vehicle projects that NRG is working on. Last fall, NRG ...

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    Study: 90,000 vehicle-to-grid vehicles on the road by 2017

    V2G – vehicle-to-grid technology – could be a hugely important step in the upcoming shift from a transportation industry dominated by petroleum to one dominated by things that are not petroleum. V2G is the technology behind the idea of a "cashback car," for example, but it's still a ...

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    NRG Energy launches nation's 1st commercial-scale V2G project

    The "cashback car" is one step closer to reality. Headquartered in New Jersey, NRG Energy, generator of electricity for nearly 20 million U.S. homes, is going to partner with the University of Delaware on a vehicle-to-grid scheme that will supposedly become the U.S.' first commercial-scale V2G ...

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    Denmark gets eBOX for AC Propulsion's 5th Anniversary

    AC Propulsion, a global company involved in electric drive design, development and manufacturing, has delivered a battery-powered eBox to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for tests that evaluate vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies. The research aims to advance the integration of electric ...

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    Denmark to test Nuvve vehicle-to-grid technology

    Most vehicles are parked nearly 95 percent of the time. This means that those expensive battery packs in electric vehicles are sitting useless most of the time. Or does it? Why not put battery packs in parked vehicles to work? That's the idea behind Nuvve's V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology. The ...

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    It's payback time from your "Cashback Car"

    Connected And Networked Electric Vehicles Have The Potential To Make EVs Viable Without Huge Incentives. The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they're just still too costly. And heavy. And large. When the electric vehicles (EVs) that those batteries are installed in are actually being ...

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    AirRay concept scoops the competition with four turbines, solar panels and V2G

    Fans of the normal-car-as-EV style of the Coda Sedan, you've been warned. What we have here is the AirRay, a totally unusual vehicle that (theoretically, at least) uses solar, wind and plug-in power to decrease gasoline consumption. It's also a little bit crazy. The giant air scoops on the hood ...

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    USPS study shows V2G could speed internal investment return

    Chrysler U.S. Postal Service Minivan - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We haven't heard anything about the 250 electric Chrysler Town and Country mini-vans joining the United States Postal Service (USPS) fleet since the Earth Day announcement but that doesn't mean sleet, snow or gloom of ...

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    Madison Gas & Electric to install EV charging network

    Madison, Wisconsin is a fairly typical college town, a place with a fairly substantial population of people with progressive attitudes on many issues. That means it has more people who ride bikes, take the bus, walk and drive hybrids than some other surrounding areas. It's also easier to find ...

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    Denmark to combine wind power with vehicle-to-grid in new tests

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    Denmark is one of the countries on the leading edge of pushing vehicle electrification. They were one of the first countries to hook up with Better Place to roll out a charging infrastructure. Now, the Danes want to do a test that combines wind power ...

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    VIDEO: All aboard the Aptera tour with co-founder Steve Fambro

    Click above for a high res gallery of the Aptera 2e
    Josh, the Aptera 2e fan who has been recently hanging out in parking garages and generally going camera crazy in his quest to slake the thirst of his ApteraForum friends, hit the devotee motherlode the other day at TED (Technology, Entertainment, ...

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    ECE delivers first electric VW Golf, 199 more to go

    The guys over at Electric Cars Europe (ECE) have finished the gas-to-electric conversion of the first of 200 Volkswagen Golfs they've been tasked to prepare for the Dutch energy supplier, ENEXIS (formerly known as Essent). The fleet, once it's built converted, is to be used in the testing of the ...

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    Southeast electric utilities to test smart charging PHEV Priuses

    A pair of southeastern U.S. electric utilities will soon start testing a fleet of converted plug-in Toyota Priuses to evaluate a smart charging system. Duke Energy Carolinas and Progress Energy will be evaluating both cross utility charging and billing and vehicle-to-grid technology. The project ...

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    Boulder to become first Smart Grid City

    A while back we told you Excel energy was to conduct a study with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and others to asses what would happen if, using vehicle to grid (V2G) technology, you plugged thousands of PHEVs and different energy sources, such as solar and wind, into the grid and ...

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    VIDEO: PG&E's diesel hybrid electric service trucks, V2G plug-in hybrids

    CNET's Green Enterprise video series (see video below) took a look at PG&E's hybrid electric service trucks and their vehicle-to-grid (V2G) plug-in hybrid cars. One cool clip shows PG&E's V2G hybrid putting energy back into the grid and turning the power meter backwards. The diesel electric ...


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