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    Report: Safety outweighs emissions benefits of new A/C refrigerant for BMW

    BMW has joined Daimler and, potentially, Audi in quitting an automotive industry research program studying a proposed new air conditioning refrigerant, the simply named HFO-1234yf. BMW disagrees with the test methods being used. "We do not want to say the test results are wrong, but we are not ...

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    Report: Renault pushes for single fast- and slower-charging port for EVs

    The US may be considered one big melting pot, but it's a French automaker that wants us all to get along when it comes to standard, home-charging system and the fast-charging devices that are likely to become more commonplace. Renault has developed a system in which its electric vehicles require ...

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    Study: European electric vehicle charging-station revenue will jump tenfold by 2020

    Here's one European "union" that plug-in advocates will support. Europe's electric-vehicle charging station revenue will jump more than tenfold by the end of the decade as automakers work towards a unified charging standard and demand for plug-in vehicles rise, Pike Research says. Annual ...

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    Got range anxiety? Solar control glass lets you turn down the A/C

    The EPGAA, an automotive glass industry association, says that solar control glass can "substantially" reduce the need for A/C, thus extending the range of an electric vehicle. Overcoming "range anxiety" is key to electric vehicle adoption, says the EPGAA. That's exactly why the association ...

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    What's the difference between AC and DC? Which is better for electric cars?

    Tesla Roadster with AC drive unit - Click above for high-res image gallery
    AC/DC? We're not referring to the classic rock band; we're taking a look at electric motors. In today's Greenlings post, we'll delve into the ins and outs of the powerplants that we hope will soon be transporting millions ...

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    Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide: recycle your refrigerant

    Even though the older types of refrigerant like Dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12) have been replaced with newer types like Tetrafluoroethane (R-134a), your car's air conditioning system could still be damaging to the environment. While not as harmful as the older refrigerants, recent research suggests ...

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    Mythbusters' mistakes in AC vs windows down episode

    Recently, I wrote an article on the debate; do you get better mileage with AC on and windows up or AC off and windows down? A comment in the article said a Mythbusters episode found you could get better mileage with AC off and windows down. The way Mythbusters tackled the myth in that episode was ...

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    Gas saving myth: Turn off your AC?
    1187554140 says "operating the air conditioner on 'Max' can reduce MPG by roughly 5-25 percent compared to not using it." Consumer Reports and says you will lose 1 MPG. That's the low end of the government estimate of 5 percent if you have a car that does 20 MPG. Is it fair to call ...

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    Raser to show off a new electric motor at EVS-22

    In all the progress and developments we've seen on with hybrids, electric cars and fuel cells, it's a bit strange how little we've reported on the advancement of electric motors. That's something that Raser is definitely looking to change. At the 22nd Electric Vehicle Symposium (October 22 to 28) ...


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