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    SUVs, not eco cars, given big ad presence online

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Tahoe Hybrid
    For all the talk, it turns out that automakers love to advertise SUVs more than hybrids or other fuel-efficient vehicles online. According to a new study by comScore, auto companies "delivered" over six times as many online SUV display ads ...

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    Toyota puts out "misleading" green ad in Belgium

    Toyota had an ad in Belgium that included the words "Zero emissions low." While the Prius is a model with very low CO2 emissions, they're certainly not zero and the claim has been considered misleading. The advertisement did not contain any CO2 emission or fuel consumption data, as is obliged under ...

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    Environmentalists and Consumer Unions protest misleading CO2 figures in ads

    If you check any European car ad, you will see in tiny letters at the bottom the car's consumption and CO2 production figures. This information is a mandatory requirement in Spain. But, according to Ecologistas en Acción and the Unión de Consumidores de España (UCE), an ...

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    Belgian researcher: Almost every single car ad in the EU is illegal

    Photo by kadavy. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.Europeans don't monkey around when it comes to cigarette warning labels. Large print, simple messages, and impossible to avoid. Apparently, vehicle advertisements need to be a little more clear about the dangers the vehicle poses to the ...

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    Honda's "Engines" ads feature cleaner, happy powertrains

    Leave it to a Japanese company to try and make engines cute and friendly. In a new advertising campaign titled "Engines," Honda has unleashed four animated engines (well, three engine and a hydrogen fuel cell) bouncing around a world of expensive gasoline and rising temperatures. Honda says the ...

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    Bravo to EcoGeek for blocking "clean" coal ads

    This business of online publishing that we and many others are involved in is fueled by advertising dollars. It's what pays the bills for bandwidth and servers and trips to cover events. Here at all the sites that are part of Weblogs Inc. the advertising sales department is completely separate ...

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    Top two American Idol finalists will get Ford Escape hybrids

    Ford is really going all-out to promote its hybrids. Latest case-in-point: the last two finalists in this season's popular FOX television series American Idol will receive a Ford Escape hybrid. The American Idol giveaway comes right after a heavily promoted fictional hybrid Ford mustang in NBC's ...

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    Honda gives its own green credentials a shout out

    Honda has decided that it might be unfair that another Japanese car company gets so much attention for green cars. Honda UK has hired advertising company Wieden and Kennedy to showcase all the marque's new "less impactful on the environment" products since 1950.The idea is to show a set of popular ...

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    Tell the FTC how to regulate green ads before the Jan. 25 deadline

    digg_url = ''; The Federal Trade Commission held a public hearing Tuesday (Jan. 8) on how to regulate "green" advertising and they still want to know what you think. You can watch web-casts of the workshop and anyone is ...

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    Big Ad Agency predicts "Blue" will replace "Green" as the color of environmentalism

    For a long time now green has been the unofficial color of environmentalists. Anything environmentally friendly has been considered green. But that may be about to change. Advertising agency JWT (formerly known as J Walter Thompson) is predicting a shift from green to blue in 2008. If that happens ...

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    Video: Russian tune + Hollywood setup = Renault ECO2

    A weird equation, isn't it? But this video shows Renault's latest campaign to promote the Eco² series of "green cars" in Spain. If your Spanish is rusty, the song more or less says "Why can only movie stars have ecological cars?" Those who work for them: make-up artists, their pets' ...

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    Chevy describes its car as "vegetarian" in TV ad

    I saw a TV commercial for a Chevy flex fuel car last night. The format for the ad was a lot like the Chevy Volt commercial: kids learning about a car outdoors with a teacher. The interesting part of the ad was the teacher's description of the flex fuel car as "vegetarian." I find the description of ...

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    Spain consumer group against labeling cars "green"

    When a country does something interesting, others try to follow the same path. Norway's rules on advertising, which forbids automakers from saying cars are green, environmental, clean or natural (within limits) have created a precedent which it looks like will likely be copied.Look at the case of ...

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    Video: Cool new ad for Lexus hybrids

    "One day a car will come along that is powered very differently. Dramatically enhanced performance will be combined with lower CO2 emissions... that day is today." The video above is a new ad for the Lexus Hybrid Drive. It's pretty cool. The car is invisible! Lexus is going to spend 6 M pounds on ...

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    Norwegian ads can't say cars are green, environmental, clean or natural

    Want to advertise your green car in Norway? You cannot use the words "green" or "clean" or "environmentally friendly" or "natural" or "environmental car" starting October 15. You can't even say "car x has low emissions of carbon dioxide." Why? "Cars cannot do anything good for the environment ...

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    Why you should never trust MSRP

    There is no one MSRP. It's actually a range that can vary a lot. The ad above says $35,845 but that's for a particular combination of options. The 2007 Highlander Hybrid MSRP ranges from $32,490 to $38,010. That's a difference of $5,520 from the base model to fully loaded. So, if you see a car site ...

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    Caught! Hummer using old MPG rating in TV ads

    digg_url = ''; I saw this ad last night on the cable station TBS. I was watching a remake of the Time Machine (BTW, it's not a great movie). Anyway, I see this ad for the 2007 Hummer H3. The first thing in the ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Civic Hybrid owner John True (he's the guy suing Honda)

    Southern California musician var digg_url = ''; John True recently filed suit against American Honda Motor Company over their mileage claims for the Civic Hybrid. In an era of rising fuel costs ...

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    VW launches new environmental advertising campaign

    Aside from diesels and their new direct injected gasoline TSI engines, Volkswagen hasn't exactly been on the cutting edge of alternative powertrains and even the diesels are using BlueTec emission controls licensed from Mercedes-Benz. To date VW hasn't shown any hybrids, electric vehicles, fuel ...

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    Lexus hybrid ad reported as misleading

    The Advertising Standards Authority in England is an ad industry run group that regulates and monitors advertising and marketing and addresses consumer complaints about ads. When a company runs false or misleading ads and they don't respond to ASA direction to change the ads, ASA can refer the ...


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