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    Official: Despite Bright leaders, Echo Automotive needs to restructure
    Echo Tells SEC It 'Does Not Have Adequate Liquidity' 1410371880

    Not to state the obvious, but an echo is about all that's left for the plug-in hybrid vehicle system maker of the same name. Echo Automotive, which was led by the engineering team of the defunct Bright Automotive, has run out of cash. Echo said in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing ...

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    ETC: Aftermarket carbon fiber rear spoiler for Tesla Model S is priced accordingly

    Need a little something extra for your Tesla Model S? Robert Strohmeyer and EV Autosalon have you covered. The item is a thin rear spoiler, and it only costs $1,200. Strohmeyer sent AutoblogGreen an email about his new aftermarket parts company focusing on full EVs and plug-in hybrids. ...

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    Report: Quanta wants to upgrade your Chevy Corvette to a hybrid

    Imagine stuffing six Toyota Prius engines into a single Chevrolet Corvette. The fuel economy would probably suffer, but the car's pick-up sure would be impressive. And that's sort of what Maryland-based aftermarket-product maker Quanta is proposing with a hybrid kit for the iconic General Motors ...

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    Report: HP2g inventor still working on technology behind '110 MPGe' Mustang

    One Ohio-based inventor who's long proposed a technology that substantially boosts the driving range of a typical V8 engine says his idea still has plenty of legs. Doug Pelmear, whose HP2g technology was the guts behind the high-miles-per-gallon converted Mustang in 2009 and the Revenge Verde ...

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    Official: Middle Tennessee State working on $3,000 after-market plug-in hybrid kit

    A plug-in hybrid kit that even a starving college student may be able to afford? That might be a stretch, but a Middle Tennessee State University professor and a group of students are developing a PHEV kit that may ultimately cost far less than the premium some people are paying for ...

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    Official: Richard Canny joins XL Hybrids board of directors

    The former CEO of Think Global has moved over to XL Hybrids. Richard Canny, who sometimes writes for AutoblogGreen, joined the XL Hybrids board of directors this past week and said in a statement that he is ready to promote the company's aftermarket hybrid powertrain system that is supposed to ...

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    Zeus gets down with Honda's new Insight

    The Zeus-ified Insight -- Click above for image gallery
    Japanese tuner Zeus has done quite a job on the Honda Insight, so now you can be green and still feel like a badass. Developed as part of the company's GLMRS Line, the kit consists of front and rear spoilers, grille, and side skirts ...

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    Read carefully before you retrofit your car with Hydrogen Fuel Injection

    We - and our readers - know quite well that "increase your MPG" claims fly fast and furious in the green car industry. One such claim is that adding hydrogen to your gasoline or diesel fuel line will make your car burn the fuel cleaner and therefore get more miles per gallon. We've tackled the ...

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    AAIA launches poll on how our driving habits could be affected with higher gas prices

    Yes, oil is reaching the 100 UDS/barrel range and Americans might see gas around $4 per gallon very soon. Of course, some voices from the industry have been raised to help solve this situation, if you agree with them that high gas prices are bad for everybody (My guess is that most of our readers ...


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