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    MDI's AirCar get a new name, now called the FlowAIR

    We've already been scolded this year not to call the air car the Air Car. The nomenclature is not getting any easier, but hopefully we've reached the last rebranding of the "Compressed Air Vehicle." An update to the MDI website tells us that the vehicle line up now has a "FlowAIR" theme. The models ...

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    MDI puts the first AirCar on the road

    We heard that MDI, the creators of the AirCar - excuse us, the "Compressed Air Vehicle" - broke off all commercial relations with Miguel Celades, who had been carrying its commercial operations for a while. We tried multiple times to contact Mr. Celades for further explanations, but couldn't. So, ...

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    Brickmasters, represent: working LEGO V8 engine is powered by air

    Click on the image for more shots of the LEGO V8 engine digg_url = ''; There has been a huge amount of interest in air powered cars since MDI began showing its creation off a few years back. There is a lot of engineering that ...

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    Most promising green technologies number nine: compressed air

    Who would have thought that a concept as simple as compressed air could be a viable automotive technology? Sure, we all fill our tires with the stuff, but some automakers - MDI, for one - are considering compressed air as an energy carrier, like a battery. Whether a vehicle is engineered to run ...

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    New York 2008: Actually, it's not called the Air Car - Q&A with MDI's Guy Negre

    The Automotive X Prize announcer used it. We've been using if forever. And, until recently, MDI and Zero Pollution Motors were still calling their vehicles the Air Car. Now, though, to avoid confusion as much as possible, the preferred term is "Compressed Air Vehicle" (don't look now, but the ZPM ...

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    New York 2008: MDI's Air Car uncovered

    While wandering around near the Automotive X-Prize booth, look what we stumbled onto: MDI's air car. The green plastic-y version that had just been uncovered - I think for a video team's camera - bears only slight resemblance to the rendering that appeared on the X-Prize screen. It looks even less ...

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    2008 New York Auto Show video preview: some of the teams in the Auto X-Prize

    One thing we are really looking forward to at the New York Auto Show is the official start of the Auto X-Prize, a contest to build a 100 MPGe car with a multi-million dollar prize. At the Detroit Auto Show, the X-Prize people and some of the teams had car models on display (see video below the ...

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    New York 2008: Air Car in the house starting Thursday

    Tomorrow, MDI will show the Big Apple what an air car looks like. The unique compressed-air-powered vehicle will be unveiled during the Automotive X Prize's big announcement on Thursday. We've been following the progress of the Air Car for quite some time, and look forward to letting our cameras ...

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    It's Friday: fifth grader builds air-powered car for science fair

    That game show should be called, are you smarter than this fifth grader? digg_url = ''; A fifth grader has created an air-powered car for a science fair, according to two videos on YouTube. The car has a range of ...

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    Air Car Factories also working on compressed-air vehicles

    One of my first tasks here in ABG was interviewing Miguel Celades. For a long time, Celades was Guy Nègre's sales partner in the development of the Air Car. Now, though, Nègre is now working with Tata Motors; he and Celades canceled their business partnership a few months ago (check ...

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    Air Car coming to America by 2009-2010, will cost $17,800

    According to Green Business, the Air Car will arrive in the US by 2009 or 2010, courtesy of Zero Pollution Motors. The quirky alt-propulsion vehicle's anticipated $17,800 price tag includes standard safety equipment like airbags and ABS, along with the 75-horsepower compressed-air six-cylinder that ...

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    Air Car will be released this year thanks to $30 million from Tata

    According to Climate Change Corp, the Air Car will be released this year thanks to a $30,000,000 investment from Tata. Months ago, we told you about reports in The Age newspaper and BBC News that MDI, Moteur Development International, said the car would be released in 2008. We dialed back our ...

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    Interview puts 2008 release date of MDI's Air Car in doubt

    Recently, I posted a video of a BBC News report with the exciting news MDI would release their compressed powered air car in 2008. I assumed such an early release was largely due to Tata's connection to MDI but according the Mumbai Mirror, Tata now says the air car is "two years away." I said I ...

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    Tata Motors: MDI's Air Car "requires nearly two years of work"

    Recently, I told you the BBC and the Age reported the Air Car would be released this year. After reading an article in the Mumbai Mirror, I am little concerned about Tata Motors making that release date. In the Mumbai Mirror article, Debasis Ray, head of corporate communications for Tata Motors ...

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    BBC News video: Air Car out "by end of year," in Europe, for 3,500 Euros

    BBC News has done a report on the Air Car recently that shares some exciting details. First, release: The BBC confirms the car will be released by the "end of year" (as the Age reported) and adds it will be released in Europe and India. Second, the cost: just 3,500 Euros which, considering that's ...

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    Air Car's first manufacturing plant will be located in Melbourne, cars sold in Australia next year

    Guy Negre and Louis Arnoux of MDI-Energy, the company behind the air car, are in Melbourne, Australia, demonstrating the air car technology to government and potential investors as part of a five year, $1.5 B plan to make and sell the cars in Australia, according to the Age. The first plant will be ...

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    Higher MPG? Who cares, if we don't have a flying car

    I think I have a new can't-fail interview technique for the next gathering of auto reps I visit: badgering them. The clip above is from the new Onion, and shows the "anchor" not giving two rips about improved fuel efficiency (or Ford's SYNC option) once he finds out that neither Ford, GM or ...

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    A new agreement between Tata Motors and MDI bring the air-car closer to reality

    We have shown you the air-car before, and you may have seen it on TV if you watched the Discovery Channel series, Future Car. If you did, you witnessed them erroneously refer to the possibility of perpetual motion in reference to the air-car. While there is no perpetual motion at work here, there ...


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