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    Report: Tesla Model S driver goes from Mexico to Alaska, loves the experience
    Seeing The Benefits Of Needing To Stop For A Charge 1408215600

    As range anxiety lessens, and more chargers are installed along major roadways, increasing numbers of people are taking road trips in their electric vehicles. The Tesla Model S in particular has become the go-to vehicle for electric touring. When equipped with the 85-kWh battery pack, the Model S ...

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    Report: Juneau wants to become EV capital

    One indeed is the loneliest number, and that's the number of publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations in Juneau, Alaska, but city officials want to change that. The city's Economic Development Commission is trying to find ways for the Alaskan capital to have the most charging ...

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    Official: With 38.2 cents per gallon, California is tops for state gas taxes

    This might come as puzzling news for any Angeleno or San Franciscan whose head is ringing from the most recent batch of potholes: California has the highest state gas taxes in the country, charging almost five times as much per gallon as low-tax states such as Alaska and Georgia, the US Energy ...

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    Nome, Alaska facing possiblity of $9 gallons of gas this winter

    Alaska contributes a sizable percentage of the oil produced in the United States, but that doesn't mean that gas there is cheap. Not only are most refineries located half a continent away, some towns in Alaska are so isolated that transportation costs make up a large part of the overall price for ...

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    Report: Gold Rush Alaska: the rare earth boom version

    A mining project on a mountain ridge on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island may unlock a motherlode of rare earth resources, which are important components of many of today's electric drive vehicles. Between the Bokan Mountain deposit, owned by Canada's Ucore Rare Metals, and the nearby city of ...

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    BP, Conoco Philips scrap $35b Alaska natural gas pipeline project

    Oil behemoths BP and ConocoPhillips have scrapped plans to build a $35 billion pipeline to move natural gas from Alaska to the Lower 48. BP and ConocoPhillips claim that the decision to abandon the massive natural gas pipeline project was driven by weak customer demand. The decision, though not ...

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    EPA says Shell's Alaskan drilling plans close to receiving final approval

    In early May, Shell presented its oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. Now comes word that Shell, with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is ever so close to developing an essential air ...

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    Obama to let oil drilling escalate in Alaska [w/video]

    As part of a broad plan aimed at blunting critics who say the President isn't doing enough to address soaring energy prices, Barack Obama announced during his weekly radio address on Saturday that drilling for oil in Alaska – a state that's thought to have vast oil reserves – will ...

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    Shell trying to convince Obama to let it drill for oil in Alaskan waters

    Later this week, Shell Oil will present its ambitious oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. The ice-clogged Arctic region is thought to have vast oil reserves. Over the past five years, Shell has worked to convince ...

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    Racing Green Endurance team completes Canada, enters lower 48 with film rolling

    It's only been 14 days since leaving their official starting point at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, but the Racing Green Endurance (RGE) team has already driven through the largest U.S. state, the entire length of British Columbia and have crossed back in to America. Along the way they've faced ...

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    Racing Green Endurance to tackle Pan-American highway with electric Radical racer [w/VIDEO]

    How fast can a battery-powered car travel the entire 16,000+ mile length of the Pan-American highway? We don't really know but it looks like we're going to find out. The Racing Green Endurance team, hailing from Imperial College London, are putting together an all-electric version of the Radical ...

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    Alaska and biodiesel hit the radio airwaves for Earth Day

    Whether its being used in jets or up in Alaska, biodiesel's challenges as a cold-weather fuel are being tested. For Earth Day today, the Alaska Public Radio Network is featuring a five-minute piece on people using biodiesel and vegoil in The Last Frontier. Readers up in the Anchorage area can ...

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    Biofuels and road taxes, the Alaska edition

    In many places around the world, roads are financed at least in part by a tax added to the price of fuel. When we head to the pumps, we pay for a little bit of the road we drive out onto as we leave the station. But people who make their own biofuels don't pay these taxes and yet they drive on ...

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    Arctic Vegwerks: biodiesel in Alaska has a blog

    One thing most people know about biodiesel is that the fuel is not ideally suited for colder temperatures. This little hiccup does not (as I've mentioned before) slow down Alaska biodiesel fans. In fact, some homebrewers and VegOil advocates from the largest state in the union have just started an ...

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    Alaska resort using hydrogen to fuel appliances and vehicles

    The Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks Alaska is a prime example of how energy supplies in the future will be vastly more decentralized than they are in the current petroleum monoculture. The resort will be taking advantage of the geothermal energy that they have available from the power ...

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    Official U.S. plan for offshore drilling expected on Monday

    Some months back, we ran a posting which indicated that the area near Bristol Bay, Alaska may be open for offshore drilling for oil in the near future, and that there were certain groups who were opposed to the plan. Well, if this story interests you, keep your ears open on Monday, because that is ...

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    Reducing our dependence on foreign oil... by starting to drill more in Alaska

    Bristol Bay in Alaska has been free of oil drilling due to a ban on it by the U.S. government since 1990. That is soon to change, however, as both the Senate and President Bush have lifted the bans. The lifting of the bans was urged by Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Environmentalists, ...

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    Electrabishi scores electric-car points in Alaska

    Mike Willmon needed a loan to buy the truck, batteries and motor, but he built an electric truck that is a big hit in Anchorage. The conversion took 320 hours and cost $12,000, including the vehicle. He used to spend $120 a month in gas, now his electric bill is about $20 a month higher. Willmon's ...

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    Panamericana 2006 update: World records broken using biodiesel

    Well, the Panamericana 2006 team has made it to the very southern tip of South America. And it took them just 15 days, 11 hours and 25 minutes to get there from the edge of the Artic Sea in Alaska. Not bad, not bad at all. I'm still not certain which records were broken on this trip, but the team's ...

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    Panamericana 2006 gets on the road

    Apparently, the biodiesel-powered trip from Alaska to the southern tip of South America did start on time last week (see previous posts here and here). The first few daily diary posts are up on the Panamericana 2006 website. Here's a real brief rundown:May 4 – Sometime after 10 p.m., the ...


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