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    Read This: Tar Sands vs. EVs

    It's pretty common knowledge - especially if you're the type to regularly visit sites such as AutoblogGreen and its ilk - that it's simply cheaper to drive a mile on electrical power than on gasoline. We also know that it is inefficient to convert oil sands into usable fuel relative to other ...

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    Study: Keystone XL pipeline could raise Midwest gas prices by $.40 a gallon

    The idea behind the politically contentious Keystone XL pipeline is to bring oil from Canada through the Midwestern US and then on to Texas for export throughout the world, mostly Europe and Latin America. A January 2012 report by NRDC and Oil Change International pointed out that the pipeline ...

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    Report: True cost of oil: ExxonMobil pipeline spills in Arkansas

    The controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would deliver tar sands oil mined in Alberta, Canada to Texas for cleanup and then return it to Canada has a number of serious issues and points of contention. Among the debates going on in Washington are which route would be used and what, exactly, are ...

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    Official: Calgary fastest growing market for Car2go carsharing

    Daimler North America is finding there's a good deal of interest in carsharing in the Great White North. Turns out that Calgary, Alberta is the fastest-growing city so far for in the global Car2go network. Since launching on July 21, 2012, more than 15,000 people have signed up to become members ...

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    U.S. mayors call for oil sands boycott

    Oil sands mining transforms the landscape Photo: David Dodge, Pembina InstituteAmerican mayors attending their annual meeting in Florida this week adopted a resolution that "supports federal legislation that prohibits government use of unconventional or synthetic fuels" derived from CO2-intensive ...

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    Air Products makes hydrogen to then make gasoline and diesel in Alberta

    A 2005 press image from Air Products.Need hydrogen in Alberta, Canada? Air Products (along with its Air Products Canada Ltd. subsidiary) has announced the commercialization of a hydrogen plant this week. Air Products' new plant can make over 100 million standard-cubic-feet-per-day. The hydrogen is ...

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    Expansion of Alberta oil sands production could increase CO2 by 30%

    Oil sands bitumen extraction cell - WikipediaThe western Canadian province of Alberta comprises less than ten percent of the country's population but is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, due primarily to oil sands production. Extracting usable oil from tar sands requires a lot of heat, which ...

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    Biodiesel standard tests begin in Canada

    With the Canadian government set to introduce their renewable fuels strategy, biodiesel blend testing is set to begin in early 2007 with the Alberta Biodiesel Demonstration Project. Multiple interested parties who support the initiative, including members of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association ...

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    Alberta Commits C$239 Million to Bioenergy Sector

    Canada is the number one supplier of both crude oil and total petroleum products to the United States. Most of that oil originates in the western province of Alberta, which in several ways is sort of the Texas of Canada. Besides, the oil Alberta is also the spiritual home of cowboys in Canada and ...


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