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    Zero-emission Proterra electric bus comes to Capitol Hill

    Proterra electric bus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Altair Nanotechnologies has not had a completely successful string of events these last few years. They lost more money than expected in 2007 and were not always embraced by the investment community. But there was good news, ...

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    A Voltron for lithium batteries? 14 companies, Argonne National Lab join forces

    Perhaps a flock-like approach to building lithium batteries for vehicles is what it'll take. A new alliance has been formed between the Argonne National Laboratory and 14 US companies to try and "perfect" li-ion batteries for cars, the lab announced this week. The alliance, called The National ...

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    Al Yousuf adds to Zap buy with shares of Altair Nanotechnologies

    Al Yousuf, based in the United Arab Emirates, is a large company with holdings in the automotive, computer and boat industries. Late last week, the company announced it would expand its green car tech investments by buying 8 million shares of common stock of Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. Al Yousuf ...

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    Altair names Terry Copeland as new president and CEO

    Altairnano's interim president Terry Copeland has moved up to president and CEO, the company announced today. Copeland has been the battery company's interim leader since March, just after previous CEO Alan Gotcher resigned. Copeland has been with Altair Nanotechnologies since November 2007 (when ...

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    Altair Nanotechnologies lost more money than expected in FY07

    Several factors hurt Altair Nanotechnologies' fiscal results in FY07: warranty replacement costs and higher research and development expenses have made the company report a wider loss despite higher revenues. $6.78m worth of warranty expenses and inventory impairment were related to the ...

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    Current Eliminator V sets new world speed record - 153.6 mph - for electric vehicles

    Got a need for speed? Strap on a battery pack and his the track. That's the idea behind the Current Eliminator V, which set a new electric dragster world speed record in the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) Super Pro class of 153.6 mph at the Speedworld Motorplex drag strip in Tuscon last ...

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    Altair Nanotechnologies nets $7 million in Defense Appropriations Bill

    Following Altairnano's not-so-good news the other day (the Motley Fool said its stock "missed the mark"), the company must be pleased to announce some good news. To wit, $7 million worth of federal funds as part of the recently-passed Defense Appropriations Bill. The money will be used by Altair ...

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    Motley Fool sez AltairNano stock "missed the mark"

    The popular Motley Fool investment site today published a list of "3 Stocks That Missed the Mark." One of those is the common AutoblogGreen presence Altair Nanotechnologies. Now, AutoblogGreen doesn't get into investment tips or anything like that, but the Fool is not the only one to dampen the ...

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    NYT: normal, affordable electric cars don't exist

    digg_url = ''; Sunday's New York Times has an article about the complete lack of a normal electric car the average person can afford. There are smaller vehicles you can buy and you can search Ebay for a good conversion or a ...

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    AeroVironment successfully quick charges Altair Nanotechnologies battery

    AeroVironment, a company that helps build drones (unpiloted flying machines) for the U.S. military as well as earlier work on vehicles like the Sunraycer and the GM Impact, announced today that its ten-minute recharge demonstration of an Altair Nanotechnologies 35kWh battery pack was successful, ...

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    EDTA Conference: revisiting Altair Nanotechnologies' NanoSafe batteries, Phoenix EV Truck

    On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Alan Gotcher of Altair Nanotechnologies broke down his company's batteries. Not physically, but verbally and with Powerpoint slides. In a room full of battery experts, Gotcher explained why his company's NanoSafe batteries are the top of the line. No one got up to call ...

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    NanoSafe battery tests show minimal loss of charge capacity

    A few months ago, we first heard word of Altair Nanotechnologies because of an innovative new battery cell design they're now calling NanoSafe. They say that the graphite used in standard lithium-ion batteries is replaced with a nano-structured negative electrode material called nano lithium ...


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