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    Official: Fisker, Quantum pairing up to relaunch Karma PHEV
    Five Years Ago, These Companies Had A Similar Deal 1415105760

    The upcoming relaunched Fisker Karma will look a lot like the old one. Turns out, the brains of the car will share a lot with the old Karma as well. Fisker (and its new owner, Wanxiang) and Quantum Technologies have announced a deal worth over $5 million. Quantum is going to license its plug-in ...

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    Report: New Fisker claims 50-50 chance it will build cars in Delaware

    As soon as the bankrupt Fisker Automotive started crawling back from the dead, rumors that the new owners would restart production of the Karma plug-in hybrid crawled as well. We've heard that the car would be built in the old General Motors plant the company owns in Delaware, that it would ...

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    Breaking: Henrik Fisker resigns due to "major disagreements" with other execs [UPDATE]

    The last time we talked to Henrik Fisker, he was a non-stop stream of optimism about the company he cofounded to build luxury plug-in hybrid automobiles. This, despite a ton of negative developments for the company in 2012. His outlook has taken a turn, apparently, since Fisker has reportedly ...

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    Report: Word of China's Geely leading bids for Fisker draws criticism from senator

    Money isn't the only problem Fisker Automotive has with making more Karma plug-in hybrids (see: battery supply), but the California startup may soon have the cash to help resume production of its $100,000 plug-in luxury sedan. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has the edge in taking a majority stake ...

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    Report: Fisker may owe Delaware money if factory plans fall through

    Fisker Automotive has had a tough year, making the news for everything from recalls to presidential politics – Mitt Romney called the company a "loser" during the debates – to a car catching on fire to Justin Bieber chroming his Karma plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and then getting paparazzi ...

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    Official: Fisker opening Technical Center in Midwest to develop Atlantic plug-in hybrid

    Fisker Automotive has shed more light on its upcoming Fisker Atlantic plug-in hybrid. The company is opening up a new Technical Center in the Midwest for the launch of its second model, which looks a little like a smaller version of the first one. The company plans to open this facility in the ...

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    Rumormill: Fisker working on Volt competitor, a cheaper plug-in?

    A Fisker for the rest of us? That's what Plug In Cars is reporting, saying that the California-based maker of the really expensive Karma extended-range plug-in may start developing a lower-end model that would compete with the Chevrolet Volt. The car would not only sell in the range of the Volt ...

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    Report: Delayed Fisker Atlantic could arrive in 2014 or 2015

    When the Fisker Atlantic was revealed in April, no one was saying anything about production dates. Even in recent interviews and statements, Fisker has remained coy about when it might start building the smaller cousin to the Karma. Given Fisker's financial difficulties and questions about where ...

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    How Leonardo DiCaprio inspired Henrik Fisker to build plug-in hybrid cars

    BBC's TopGear recently had an exclusive interview with Leonardo DiCaprio to find out about his commitment to sustainability and his investment in Fisker Automotive. The most surprising thing is that Leo was in part responsible for Fisker getting started in the first place. TopGear started out by ...

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    Fisker confirms BMW 3-series turbo engine will power Atlantic, still hoping to build in Delaware

    Although plans haven't been finalized for the upcoming Fisker Atlantic (plans like, say, determining if Fisker will even have enough money to build the car) the company has already figured out what will be under the hood: an engine from the BMW 3-series. Fisker has inked an agreement with BMW to ...

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    Report: Justin Bieber gifts chrome Fisker Karma to Sean Kingston *UPDATE

    "When you're best friends with one of the biggest artists in the world, you know what I'm saying, you get all different types of gifts, and this is one of them." That's how Jamaican-American rapper Sean Kingston described to random outside-on-the-sidewalk-with-a-camera interviewers the fact that ...

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    Report: Fisker might have received complete $529m loan under Paul Ryan's plan

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan might have supported full disbursement of the U.S. Energy Department's planned $529 million loan to extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker Automotive. Then again, he might not have. Ah, politics. Recently, Ryan has joined fellow Republicans ...

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    Official: Fisker delaying Surf, Sunset models, unless you've got the cash...

    Remember when Fisker Automotive denied that the Surf – the wagon version of the Karma – was delayed? Yeah, you can forget that, apparently. A reader named Dennis posted this to the Fisker Buzz forums – "I was told that Fisker is willing to build Surfs one-off for anyone willing ...

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    Report: Fisker needs $150 million to build Atlantic

    So what is the first order of business for new Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz? Certainly putting out fires. But he's also going to be doing some hat-in-hand work, according to a report from Reuters. Posawatz knows what it takes to get an electric car to market, but Fisker is some $150 million short of ...

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    Video: Henrik Fisker, what are you drawing?

    "Cars have become an appliance... And on top of that, you start feeling a bit guilty about driving a car, because it pollutes, you use a lot of gasoline." These are the words of Henrik Fisker, car designer and the man who startes his eponymous automobile company, which currently builds and sells ...

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    Report: Fisker loan spurs more questions from senators

    Um, about that $337 million. Fisker Automotive and its pending federal government loan has spurred a letter from two U.S. senators to Energy Secretary Steven Chu questioning the appropriateness of the loan, The Detroit News reports. In their letter to Chu, senators John Thune (R-South Dakota) ...

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    Fisker has delivered 1,000 Karmas, generates $100m in revenue so far in 2012

    Releasing its first-ever business report, Fisker Automotive announced today that the company's revenues for the first four months of 2012 exceeded $100 million and that total funding in the company has exceeded a billion dollars. Not bad for a company that only has one product, the plug-in hybrid ...

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    Report: Leaked Fisker Atlantic documents reveal big production delay, specs

    The Fisker Atlantic extended-range plug-in vehicle will start production about a year after its previously estimated mid-2013 date, Inside EVs blog reports, citing leaked company documents that were dated "a few weeks ago." The Atlantic, formerly known as Project Nina, will compete pricewise ...

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    Report: Ex-Fisker chair blames Mitt Romney attacks for DOE loan hold-up

    Ah, election season... Former Fisker Automotive Chairman and current investor Ray Lane is blaming Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the delays in procuring federal loans that have been earmarked for the maker of the extended-range plug-in Karma and the upcoming Atlantic, ...

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    Report: More layoffs at Fisker; Delaware plant is 'absolutely empty'

    Last we heard, Fisker Automotive was still "committed" to building the recently revealed Atlantic sedan at the former GM plant in Delaware. A few years ago, Fisker announced that site would be the company's new domestic production home (the Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in hybrid is made by ...


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